How to Try on Glasses at Home with SmartBuyGlasses

Almost more than half of the world’s population is connected to the internet now and use of the internet is increasing day by day. And people like to work from home by using the online plat-forms available on the Internet world.

If You are reading this, you must have tried some of the online facilities like

  • Appointments from your doctor
  • Grocery shopping and
  • Some other resources if you are not willing to leave your home.

Here is some good news for you, if your doctor has prescribed you glasses, you can also get it online by staying in your home from prescription glasses online.

Virtual try-on(VTO) is a tool that you can use on ‘SmartBuyGlasses’ with your webcam to observe how glasses will look on your own face. You can buy glasses online of your desired style.


    SmartBuyGlasses gives you complete information on how to record your 5 seconds selfie video from your phone or computer. First of all your face reading will be done in order to understand the face shape. For this, you just have to rotate your head left and then rotate it right. Alright, your first step is done, now move on to the next step.
    Now try the glasses by choosing your desired brand first. Then, filter by ‘virtual try-on’ (VTO) tool in the special features menu. All of the listed options are available in the VTO tool. Proceed to the required product page, go to ‘selfie view’ and then try on glasses.

Now You’re done and consider your-slef ready? Try the SmartBuyGlasses’ and VTO tool or continue reading this article for more suggested styles and tips on how to take a selfie.


The virtual try-on tool doesn’t only fit the frames on your face but also gives you the information about your face shape. Face shape recognition is the first step that allows you to filter and reach the desired frames that fit on your face according to the shape. For example, your face can be oval, rounded or square shaped that fits cat-eye frames, classic rectangle frames and rounded or oval frames respectively.


With the help of VTO tool  you can also share your selfie photos with your friends on social media platforms Facebook & Pinterest. If you want a wonderful selfie of Yourself, you can simply follow these tricky steps

  1.  Consider the Lighting The basic and most important thing to know while taking beautiful and professional pictures and videos is the direction and intensity of light. Sun-light is the best, specifically when you’re trying on glasses as the natural light can really bring out the clear details of your face making it easy to understand the face shape.
  2. Where to Look While taking group pictures or selfies, there’s always a friend or person who has to switch and adjust someone’s spot in order to “get their good side.” You just needed to follow the virtual try-on’s instructions and tips.The important thing for better results is the flattering angle while you’re looking at the camera which is slightly in down forwarded direction.
  3. Smile Every person in the world has its own unique smile. So you must show off your confident smile and don’t be afraid. If you are not happy with your first smile, try another one and keep going till you have the perfect capture of your smile that makes you satisfied.
  4. Hair While It is necessary to give facial expressions during a picture capturing, you must give an attractive style to your hairs too for a perfect shot.