How Your Coffee Is Brewed Makes A Difference

How Your Coffee Is Brewed Makes A DifferenceGone are those days when people used to only look for the coffee no matter which flavor they used to get. Now people have preferences of different taste quality and flavors. Coffee is the world’s most highly consumed drink.

One of the most important factors that place a huge effect on the taste of a coffee is the way it is brewed.  Having an in-depth understanding of these brewing methods play an important part to set a foundation for most popular coffee drinks available all around the world offered by coffee bars and cafe. It will greatly improve your knowledge and eventually lead to success.

Methods to Brew Coffee

Coffee beans are harvested and roasted then they are ready to be converted into a liquid. The most famous brewing method is through a French press, Espresso Machine or drip coffee maker. One should have an in-depth understanding of these three methods to run a coffee bar or a cafe successfully, as each method produces different flavored coffee and has a different brewing time and level of caffeine in the drink.

Drip Coffee Maker

Coffee that is brewed with a drip coffee maker is brewed with a paper filter which contains coarse, ground coffee beans with boiling water dripped on the top of it. Ground coffee beans are left behind through the filter and the liquid is passed through into a coffee pot or a decanter which is used for serving. This method involved more time as compared to the espresso machine, as the hot water remains in contact with the ground beans for a long time.

French Press

French pressed coffee is believed to have a stronger flavor as compared to drip coffee. In this method, oils are mixed from the ground coffee to the mix with water. This drink is intended to be consumed right after brewing.

French press machine contains are cylindrical glass flask with a filter which keeps the ground coffee separate from hot water. When the time comes to pour and serve the coffee, the lever is pushed down to strain and the separation from the brewed coffee. It is important that the coffee grounds should be the coarse or medium grind to achieve the best flavor and prevent them from mixing with the brewed coffee.

In this method, you are able to regulate the water’s temperature o that beans could reach the maximum potential flavor while brewing. Moreover, it is important to place a filter since a pressing screen is placed in an end for the separation of the ground coffee beans from the brewed coffee.

Espresso Machine

In the espresso brewing method, the textureHow Your Coffee Is Brewed Makes A Difference, flavor and the sizes or the ground coffee beans are different from the above two methods.  Espresso coffee involves finer ground beans than French and drips coffee. The ground coffee beans look like powdered sugar which are brewed with the use of espresso coffee machine. The ground coffee is placed in a portafilter which is a part of an espresso machine attached to the gasket of the machine. The brewing process starts when the water is pressurized through the ground coffee to form a liquid. These machines forcefully pass hot water through ground coffee at a fast speed and one shot of espresso takes around 20 seconds to brew the coffee. Espresso coffee has strong taste as compared to drip and French pressed and the texture is creamier as it produces a creamy froth called crema.