Hungry Globetrotter Sources Artisan Ingredients from Premier Partners for Worldly Culinary Adventures

Hungry Globetrotter Sources Artisan Ingredients from Premier Partners for Worldly Culinary AdventuresAs he walked the floor at the San Francisco Fancy Food Show <>  last week, Vijay Rajendran, founder of the recently launched and rapidly growing global gourmet retailer, Hungry Globetrotter <>  was in search of sourcing high quality ingredients from around the world.  His culinary tourism company is dedicated to creating a true experience of regional cuisine in monthly meals delivered directly to members’ doorsteps through diner’s taste buds.

“Featuring truly authentic cuisine often includes hard-to-find ingredients that people may find intimidating, or may not have even heard of,” said Vijay.  “The companies we partner with don’t just help us make these ingredients more accessible, they also perpetuate the enthusiasm and excitement around preparing exotic meals in our own kitchens.”

For Vijay, the show provided a chance to meet face to face with new partners to collaborate and share Hungry Globetrotter <> ’s vision of bringing culinary tourism home.  Aside from providing delicious monthly meals, Hungry Globetrotter <>  also provides a platform for global retailers of spices, sauces and other shelf-stable items that reflect the flavors of their international destinations, and provide a platform for them to reach a globally engaged culinary audience.  Three top partners to watch for in Hungry Globetrotter <> ’s upcoming monthly mailings include:

Spicely <> :  With a new Market Street location recently opened in San Francisco, Spicely shares Hungry Globetrotter’s mission to bring a vast array of flavors used in dishes around the world to gourmet lovers’ plates everywhere.  Committed to using only the freshest, natural ingredients and planet-friendly packaging and maintaining the highest standard of production possible, the company is positively affecting the landscape of fine international foods.  Spicely’s products are included in Hungry Globetrotter’s South Indian and Japanese samplers.

Wholesome Kitchen <> :  Boasting premium quality dried vegetables and fruits, nuts and exotic grains and spices, each featured product is exclusive to Wholesome Kitchen’s product line.  The company also adheres strictly to an ethical code focused on integrity and excellence, offering ingredients that are accessible and easy to use, while authentically reflecting the cuisine of their exotic origins.  Wholesome Kitchen’s products are featured in Hungry Globetrotter’s Moroccan and Argentine mailings.

Casa de Chocolates <> :  The Berkeley-based company is driven by a passion to support quality, sustainably farmed cacao products and thus, empowering the growers in Latin America to continue these practices.  The mission is not just about great chocolate; it’s also about helping chocolate lovers appreciate the traditions and ancient origins of the treat within the Americas.  Hungry Globetrotter members can savor Casa de Chocolates products in the Mexico box.

Hungry Globetrotter connects home chefs, culinary enthusiasts, families and busy professionals with the flavors of the world in the comfort of their own home.  With easy to follow recipes, preparation tips and shopping lists, anyone can create an impressive international meal with ease and convenience. Shipped products are non-perishable, branded specialty food products that have been carefully selected and tested for quality.
After delivering the key ingredients to get the meal started, Hungry Globetrotter helps consumers locate hard to find components with local shopping tips.  The company also offers many of the flavorful ingredients on the Hungry Globetrotter website, so repeat meals can be easily created, any time.

Signing up for the monthly subscription service can be easily done online at <> .  Many customers love the excitement of seeing a Hungry Globetrotter box on their doorstep.  As the holidays approach, the service makes a unique and delicious gift also.

About Hungry Globetrotter: Hungry Globetrotter <> is an online specialty food retailer and gourmet club that helps home chefs; busy professionals and families enjoy the flavors of the world from the comfort of their own kitchen. Highlighting one international culinary destination each month, the subscription service provides quality ingredients, easy to follow instructions, shopping lists and educational cultural information about each cuisine.  Hungry Globetrotter believes that life is too short for food to be boring.  Launched in September 2012, Hungry Globetrotter is based in San Francisco, California.

About Vijay Rajendran: Vijay’s own exploration of the world through food has grown through his experience living in six countries and visiting more than two dozen others. He left his career in management consulting to focus on sharing the unique flavors of his favorite destinations through delicious dishes and great food brands many American diners may have yet to discover.  Vijay started Hungry Globetrotter as a food and travel blog in 2010.  When he realized how many people lived only vicariously through culinary tourism by watching travel and cooking shows, browsing international cuisine apps, and reading magazines only to salivate about the great food in fascinating locations, he set out to provide a carefully selected, curated gourmet adventure through the world’s cuisine.