Entrepreneurs to gather in desert city to present curated collection of culinary goods

INAUGURAL VEGAS FOOD EXPOAmerica’s only invitational food trade show debuts in March 2017. Designed to give emerging food producers’ a forum to showcase their beautiful bounty, Vegas Food Expo will bring together 100 of the nation’s most exciting up-and-coming brands at Gold Coast Hotel & Casino for two delicious days.

On March 30th and 31st, attendees can listen, taste, and interact with devoted individuals who are striving to push food forward. From 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM each day, more than 100 innovative brands will have the opportunity to present to retail buyers, chefs, potential investors, curious foodies, as well as allied professionals who may be in town for other complementary shows. The first day is exclusively open to buyers; the second day is open to buyers and all ticket holders.INAUGURAL VEGAS FOOD EXPO

Food trends are usually developed and brought to consumers’ tables by smaller producers. Sometimes getting these flavors and brands into carts can be a challenge as larger, mainstream food shows may be out of financial reach for these businesses, resulting in offerings that can become stagnant or dominated by big food. “We’re working to introduce small and innovative companies like Frog Eyes Wasabi and Jack’s Hard Cider to a broader audience of retailers, distributors, chefs, media, and investors than the might normally be able to reach,” explains event creator Brett Ottolenghi. “Our team sought to include ‘on the brink’ exhibitors poised to garner greater consumer exposure based on their originality, quality, packaging and mission,” he adds.

As larger shows struggle to include and feature smaller brands, Vegas Food Expo accommodates them with exhibitor packages that are all-inclusive, costing roughly one-third of the larger mainstream trade shows. In addition to the exciting brand exhibits, a stimulating speaker’s series hosted by Robin Leach will round out the show. Vegas Food Expo promotional partners include: Food & Beverage Magazine and Three Square, southern Nevada’s only food bank providing food assistance to the residents of Lincoln, Nye, Esmeralda and Clark counties.INAUGURAL VEGAS FOOD EXPO

About Vegas Food Expo

The inaugural two-day food trade show, taking place March 30th and 31st, 2017 in Las Vegas, is designed for small and innovative companies that might not have the budget to present at larger, coastal food shows. The curated exhibition will feature up-and-coming brands, introducing food producers to attendees ranging from retail buyers, chefs and potential investors to allied professionals and curious foodies. While the first day is exclusively open to buyers, the second day is open to buyers and any ticket holders. Admission is complimentary for buyers and $50 for general admission. For more information, visit, or follow Vegas Food Expo on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. To exhibit or attend, visit the website or call (760) 521-3761.