INBLOOM by Kate Hudson makes wellness more accessible.

By Debbie Hall

INBLOOM by Kate Hudson: Making Wellness More Accessible

Kate Hudson personifies beauty, grace, success, health, and wellness. Along with her thriving entertainment career, she has added entrepreneurship to her impressive list of accomplishments. Her latest venture, INBLOOM, captures her passion for her goal to make wellness more accessible.

Nutrition is the foundation for how a person looks, feels, acts, and thinks. The herbalists and certified nutritionists on the INBLOOM team have combined their expertise and talent to develop exceptional products. These nutritious powers help the body and mind achieve their potential, providing complete nourishment using nature.

All the blends are made from whole foods and plants with nothing synthetic added. INBLOOM essential herbs, minerals, vitamins, and compounds are presented as nature created them to help achieve balance and enrich life.

“INBLOOM is an extension of how I grew up and was raised by a mother who respected her body and embraced wellness. She would share all that information with us kids,” explains Hudson. “I have always felt connected with balancing how to have a fun life, indulge sometimes and still be strong and healthy.”

She discovered that what was available to her to maintain health and wellness was not available to many consumers across the country. “I call it democratizing wellness,” says Hudson, who believes everyone should be able to have access to products that can increase longevity in life. “I started thinking how I could create a company that could speak to the products that help support our health.”

She wanted to incorporate ingredients she is passionate about with an active lifestyle, and Hudson wanted to develop products to support nutrition. INBLOOM products are plant-based, gluten-free, with no synthetic ingredients, non-GMO, and sugar-free with several vegan items.

One aspect to consider is that many people, including Hudson, do not like taking pills. There are some health regimens combining supplements that can include swallowing a number of pills daily. It is also easy to lose track of what pills were ingested.

With INBLOOM, the products are combined with food and beverages, immediately absorbing its nutritional benefits.

Hudson wants to reach out to those consumers who are just learning about the benefits of nutrition for health and wellness, as well as those looking for great products. She created the products that she felt were the most necessary for a healthy and active lifestyle with the best products. Hudson researched and developed products that would support areas of wellness that are most discussed and needed.

“I took the holistic approach, really looking and understanding how vitamins are best absorbed. I looked into how we can get the best efficacy out of a mixture and concoction of products and plants and try to make a superior product,” she explains.

Sustainability is also fundamental to Hudson and INBLOOM. “I think about 10 years ago; I had a conversation with someone who really inspired me and made me look at how much waste we create. How do we change the way we look at living sustainably, and how do we do that in a way that doesn’t feel daunting to people?”

She has a goal to help people discover that the things that they love are actually sustainable. This includes packaging that can be created to come as close to zero waste as possible. Hudson is also looking at sustainable practices involving food, especially plant-based products.

“When someone falls in love with [my] product and discovers that so much care for our planet is put into it, they will trust the product and mission and become more loyal to it. They know our goal is to do what is best for us and the planet,” says Hudson. “I think that everyone should be doing this. We need to be taking care of ourselves and our earth.”

Another sustainability feature of the product offers single serves and enviro-pouches for refilling the powders. The fully degradable biopouch (18 months), developed by INBLOOM, sets the company apart. Hudson knew many consumers would place the packaging in their recyclable bins and believed they were helping the planet. However, as Hudson researched recycling more deeply, she discovered that many papers and pouches needed to be sent to a specialized recycling center, and many ended up in a landfill. Hudson recognized the importance of creating the correct recyclable pouch.

INBLOOM chose beautiful glass containers to create that elevated feeling that all products can be displayed as part of a luxurious lifestyle. Refilling these glass containers has minimal impact on the planet, and the carbon footprint is reduced. Their products, using plants, are also sustainable and add to the health of the planet instead of increasing the carbon footprint with processing.

“We make certain that we use the highest standard of sources that are kind to the earth,” she says.

Hudson also entered the spirit industry with her vodka company, King St. (, because she likes vodka. “This is all about balance, and I love a great cocktail. I got into the industry before every celebrity had [a spirit or wine] brand. There were so few women in this very male-dominated industry. Women purchase 53 to 56 percent of vodka. Every time I looked at vodka, I didn’t look at the bottle. The same happened when I went to a bar, the bottle of vodka was not very pretty, yet it was consumed so much. I wanted to make the purest vodka and make certain it is sustainable.”

She would research how the corn was harvested, adding the cleanest ingredients and distilling it seven times so that when someone drinks King St. vodka, they drink the purest vodka. Hudson also made certain that the vodka was low in sugar. “I like vodka martinis and vodka and soda, and I didn’t want to drink something with a crazy bite but smooth and easy,” Hudson states. “This is a fun and creative space and connects people in the industry, bringing me a lot of good times.”

Hudson is very connected to the World Food Programme (, the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate honored by the United Nations is a humanitarian organization saving lives in emergencies. The organization uses food assistance to help develop stability, peace, and prosperity for people they serve who are recovering from conflict, disasters, and the impact of climate change. The organization resonates with Hudson with her passions and highlights areas that need support.

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“I am in the nutrition business, and I believe we all have a responsibility to connect to those who don’t have the privilege to eat a meal,” she says.

As for INBLOOM, “we get so many nutrients from food; a healthy diet and the way we eat is everything,” explains Hudson. “It is how we feed our brain, muscles, and body and is completely connected to our mental health. I have always been very passionate about bringing more knowledge and education about what we ingest. We know that plants and plant-based eating are so good for us. People also love to experiment with food, and it is hard to be disciplined with food. If I can help in any way to create an easier way for people to get connected to put things into their system that will make them feel good, then I feel I have accomplished what I wanted with INBLOOM.”

Visit Kate’s Kitchen for recipe inspiration and turn powder products into delicious elixirs, smoothies, cocktails, and other wellness treats. To join the affiliate program, click here. For more information, visit INBLOOM at and follow on Instagram @tobeinbloom.