Rosnet is the first restaurant back-office solution to partner with LetzChat, revolutionizing the way the restaurant industry communicates across languages and enhancing Rosnet’s data analytics capabilities.

Founded in Kansas City, Missouri, 25 years ago, Rosnet has established itself as a leading provider of restaurant data analytics and technology services. The company caters to a wide range of establishments, including quick service, casual, and fine dining. With Rosnet’s comprehensive reporting solution, operators have the flexibility to access their data in the format and at the time that suits them best. Rosnet’s operational solutions streamline processes from food management to labor management, offering tools for checklists, budgeting, inventory solutions, forecasting, and more.

LetzChat is a real-time translation company that is changing the game when it comes to cross-language communication. Their wide range of cutting-edge services eliminate the challenges and limitations of traditional translation methods. LetzChat offers translation in multiple contexts, including websites, real-time SMS and chat communications, subtitles, in-person conversations, and documents.

By joining forces, Rosnet and LetzChat aim to provide the restaurant industry with seamless multi-lingual communication capabilities and advanced data analytics solutions. The combination of Rosnet’s comprehensive restaurant management solutions and LetzChat’s AI-driven translations allows restaurant operators to access and analyze their data more effectively, gaining valuable insights into their operations and trends—now in their language of choice. In addition to the many operational benefits, this partnership empowers businesses to create a more inclusive and welcoming environment for staff members across cultural backgrounds, enhancing employee satisfaction, growth opportunities, and their ability to retain top talent.

“The collaboration between Rosnet and LetzChat marks the beginning of an exciting journey,” said Maggie Peters, CEO and President of Rosnet. “We are equally committed to staying at the forefront of our respective fields. With our combined expertise and resources, Rosnet and LetzChat aim to develop advanced solutions that push the boundaries of data analytics and multi-lingual communication in restaurant operations. These combined capabilities will provide vital solutions that support today’s culturally diverse workforce, which is essential to success.”

“Given the current labor challenges and the highly competitive landscape for innovation within the restaurant sector, LetzChat is thrilled to introduce groundbreaking AI-powered language translation technology through our partnership with Rosnet! This innovation is designed to revolutionize operations in the back of the house across the restaurant industry, marking a significant jump towards better communication, improved operational efficiency, and a more inclusive work environment for non-English speaking employees,” said Jordan Orlick, CEO of LetzChat.

About Rosnet

Founded in 1998, Rosnet has grown into a respected leader in the restaurant data and operations marketplace. Thousands of locations, including large multi-unit concepts like Applebee’s, Wendy’s, Corner Bakery, STK, and IHOP, utilize the company’s reporting, food management, and labor management systems. Rosnet couples easy-to-use tools with world-class support to help restaurant companies maximize profits without the need to invest in multiple systems.

About LetzChat

LetzChat is a trailblazing AI-powered language translation service provider, offering unparalleled translation capabilities across 104 languages and 100 dialects. Backed by Comcast and operating globally, LetzChat is committed to enhancing communication in the retail industry and beyond.