International Best Cheesemonger Competition 2015… and the winner is

Fabien Degoulet, a Frenchman, originating from the city of Le Mans,

currently working in Tokyo,

was elected as the World Champion

during the “International Best Cheesemonger Competition 2015”

held on Sunday, the 7th of June, at Vinci – the International Convention Centre of Tours, France.

International Best Cheesemonger Competition 2015… and the winner is

In front of an enthusiastic audience, the Frenchman, Fabien DEGOULET, 30 years old from Le Mans,was declared the World’s Best Cheesemonger,on Sunday 7th of June in the city of Tours.

After more than ten hours of intense assessments, the Frenchman, a Cheesemonger currently based in Tokyo,was declared the World Champion.


« I am surprised, moved and proud to be elected”. Raised in a family of cheesemongers since three generations, this award is a result of hard work over a long term. The past four months has been particularly intense. I work as a cheesemonger in Tokyo since seven years, and this title will allow me to promote and work further for the cause of cheese»


Second on the podium was another Frenchman: Guillaume Cardinet, an independent cheesemonger working since five years in the region of Isère in France.The third position was taken by Nathalie Vanhaver, a candidate from Belgium who is a cheesemonger working in the city of Bra.

International Best Cheesemonger Competition 2015… and the winner is

  The 12 candidates demonstrated their originality, precision and presented high quality work,  as confirmed by Rodolphe LeMeunier, Best Craftsman of France and Best International Cheese-maker 2007


“I am very happy for the world of cheese because the quality of candidates today was excellent. I am delighted that a Frenchman, who works abroad, came to represent his country in Tours. Candidates are getting better every year and they improve at a quick pace, namely the Americans who love cheese. The “World Competition for the Best Cheese Monger” is very promising for the coming years


  600 kilos of cheese, supplied by the exhibitors, was shared amongst the 12 participants. The competition started at 9 o’ clock with theoretical tests,followed by practical tests where candidates demonstrated their capacity to create. The theme for this year was: « from art to cheese ».

  After ten hours of tests comprised of technical questions, blind cheese-tasting tests and blind cheese-cutting tests, the candidates finished in beauty, with a presentation of an assortment of cheese and sculptures on a platter!

Despite the stress for the participants,the contest took place in a convivial atmosphere in front of a passionate public who came to encourage their candidate.

Denis Schwok, President of Tours événements, commented :

« the candidates who were present and awarded today are genuine artists.

Tours événements is proud to have organized this international event

which confirms the position of the city of Tours as a

« Cité International de la Gastronomie » (International City of Gastronomy)


 The International Cheese Tours, Loire Valley continues

on Monday the 8th of June and Tuesday the 9th of June

at Vinci – The International Convention Centre of Tours.