Interview with PICK ON US’s Aaron Motola


An interview with Aaron Motola, President, Pick On Us, LLC


Interview with PICK ON US’s Aaron MotolaQ: Tell us about your new streamlined process for ordering a FREE custom pick sample.

A: Our new website,, allows users to order

a free custom sample in three minutes with three simple steps via smart phone, tablet or PC.

Just choose a pick. Upload a logo. Submit. It’s fast and easy!Interview with PICK ON US’s Aaron Motola


Q: Is it true you have no minimums on orders and fast turnaround times?

A: Yes it’s true, no minimums. For order quantities of 100 to 2,000 picks turnaround time is ten days or less.


Interview with PICK ON US’s Aaron MotolaQ: What kind of response are you getting?

A: Honestly, we are surprised at the remarkable response.

We have already received hundreds of requests for samples. Many

people are calling and emailing to say how much they love their custom pick.


Q: We hear you have invested in a laser printer so that you can produce custom picks in house. What gave you the idea to start this service?

A: We installed the laser printer in response to numerous requests from customers for smaller quantity custom printing runs and shorter lead times. Also, we wanted to use it as a tool for allowing customers to see a three-dimensional proof of their custom pick before large quantity jobs are printed overseas. (Larger orders can range anywhere from 20,000 to over 100,000 pieces.)


Q: Tell us about your company.

A: For over 27 years Pick On Us has helped great chefs and caterers wow their guests! Part of that magic is in the presentation. Over 7,000 commercial kitchens in North America come to us for eco-friendly presentation solutions that will delight their guests. From cruise ships to caterers the hospitality industry trusts our products to present their cuisine with functional elegance.

Interview with PICK ON US’s Aaron Motola


Q: What would you say is your number one goal?

A: That’s easy, customer satisfaction.


Q: Anything else to add?

A: Whether you’re a chef at a five-star resort or hosting a private event at your home or business, go to and: “Customize it!”


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