Introducing Lindsay Almond Butter – The Better Nut Butter

Introducing Lindsay Almond Butter – The Better Nut ButterHow does a 100-year-old food brand that is synonymous with olives enter its next 100 years? If it’s Lindsay Olives, it brings its mass-market magic to a completely new and different category – almond butter.  In what some may consider a bold move for such an established brand, Lindsay Olives proudly introduces Lindsay Almond Butter – and this growing nut butter category will never be the same.

Ideal for moms and dads seeking an affordable, healthier, tasty snack or food staple that can rival the PBJ their kids crave, Lindsay Almond Butter blends a deliciously sweet and nutty taste with the smooth spreadability one expects from their favorite mass market peanut butter but hasn’t seen from other almond butter offerings. Rather than adding cane sugar or partially hydrogenated oils, both of which are likely to be found in mass market Peanut Butter, Lindsay uses a touch of honey for a hint of sweetness and sustainable palm oil to create its winning taste and peanut butter-like consistency. And with its proprietary recipe and methodology, Lindsay Almond Butter won’t separate and dry out at the bottom of the jar like other almond butter brands.

Available in three SKUs, Classic Creamy, Crunchy, and Honey Cinnamon, Lindsay Almond Butter retails for $8 per 12 oz. jar – effectively bringing almond butter into peanut butter price territory. For families seeking a healthier snack, without the higher cost of most other almond butter, Lindsay’s offering may very well change the face of almond butter category.

Why Almond Butter – Why Now?
The Carter family, which owns Bell Carter, Lindsay’s parent company, has enjoyed strong ties with California’s agricultural community for more than 100 years, even before it acquired the Lindsay brand. Having developed affiliations with more than 325 retail and foodservice customers, Bell-Carter has the physical and relational infrastructure in place to successfully extend the Lindsay brand beyond olives and into a completely different crop without having to make any significant changes to its business.
Add in CEO Tim Carter’s love of almonds, a partnership with leading almond grower Harris Woolf (another 100-year-old family-run company), plus a growing appetite for this delicious, heart-healthy nut among American consumers, and the decision to stay ever-relevant by expanding into almond butter was really a no-brainer.

Lindsay Almond Butter – Where to Find It
The better nut butter, Lindsay Almond Butter is available now at select Safeway and Nugget stores in Northern California, as well as online at and
A national distribution rollout is expected to begin in December 2017.