Introducing The World’s First Aroma Infused Chocolate

Written by Kaiulani, famous chocolate artist and owner of KAILAVA

Just when you thought you couldn’t love chocolate anymore, be prepared to fall head over heels, this is sure to blow your mind!

Introducing The World’s First Aroma Infused Chocolate

Dana Brewster and Mark Del Vecchio, owners of MILLCREEK CACAO RAOSTERS, based out of Salt Lake City, Utah, are the innovators behind this extraordinary new chocolate. They have developed a proprietary process that flavors chocolate with nothing added, just air-infused aroma. Skeptical, at first, I had to try this for myself.


How could you possibly flavor chocolate with aromatics alone and no additives? I was about to find out. Firstly, unwrapping this chocolate is nothing short of an extraordinary experience, as I opened the gold foil wrapped “Luscious Raspberry” bar, feeling like maybe I had the golden ticket, arose a very soft raspberry fragrance. The bar had a pretty sheen, and a sharp crisp snap. Very happy to know it is single-origin and all natural. Being a 70% dark chocolate, I was pleasantly surprised to be greeted by a smooth, creamy, yet deeply robust flavor with fruity and faint caramel notes. There it was, that subtle and delightful flavor of a ripened raspberry, not overwhelming, parried with sumptuous dark chocolate, ever so lovely just marinating blissfully in my mouth. They’ve done it! Now THIS is going to change the world of chocolate forever. Pure Bliss. Definitely an experience all chocolate lovers NEED to have. In it’s true, pure, natural and absolutely exquisite chocolate existence, MILLCREEK CACAO ROASTERS has raised the bar, the chocolate bar to be exact.

Introducing The World’s First Aroma Infused ChocolateDana and Mark have always been passionate lovers of fine chocolate, but it reached new heights as they were traveling abroad to Ethiopia back in 2011, finding themselves deeply inspired. Being shown a cacao pod by a local coffee bean farmer, it sparked a life changing “aha” moment. Suddenly they knew where the quest for their unique purpose in life had lead them. Cacao. They immediately enrolled in Ecole Chocolat, to learn everything there was to know about making chocolate. Soon it all started coming together paired with a deep passion for promoting sustainability and preservation, they found the perfect cacao farm that did not genetically modify. Proud to build upon a foundation only working directly with the farmers, they became a farm to bar chocolate company. “We roast the cacao ourselves and spend a good portion of time educating, we are not just any chocolate company, we are the ultimate chocolate experience” stated Mark.

And how could this chocolate story get any better? Well, they don’t spare anything when it comes to the best. Currently they are using a pure heritage cacao, Arriba Nacional, grown in the shaded cacao farms in Ecuador’s coastal lowlands where the climate and soil conditions occur exclusively.  Dana explains that their vision is now expanding to other heirloom farms to diversify and safeguard that MILLCREEK CACAO Chocolate is always made from the highest quality. They have certainly proven that their strong pioneering presence and ingenuity in the chocolate industry is here to stay.


Mid-interview at the Millcreek Cacao chocolate factory, walks in a gentleman to pick up more retail products for his store; Randy Harmsen, the owner of the wildly successful and delicious “9th Street Delicatessen” looked straight at me and said, “I got rid of every other dark chocolate brand in my store once I tried Millcreek Cacao Chocolate, nothing compares, it just melts in your mouth.” This is a bold statement, but when you experience the best, there is no other choice.


Introducing The World’s First Aroma Infused ChocolateNow that your mouth is watering, need no convincing, just in time for Valentine’s Day, enjoy this “Aroma Chocolate Experience” for yourself online at and at specialty fine food stores across America.


*For corporate interest, Dana and Mark are looking to expand by forging into a “Corporate Catalog” line for corporate gifting and supplying chocolate to Professional Chefs. They are also creating a “LUXE” line that they hope to make its debut in the near future at the finest retailers around the world. For more information contact Millcreek Cacao Corporate office at