Irish Whiskey Connoisseurs Find Their Brand of Choice Through Whiskey Marketplace

Whiskey Marketplace has a large supply of Irish whiskey that is sure to please every Irish whiskey connoisseur out there. Find popular brands such as Bushmills Whiskey, Cooley and much more on their website.

LONDON, ENGLAND, In Ireland, whiskey is taken very seriously. In the Gaelic tongue, whiskey is called the “water of life”, and has roots from the 12th century. Many prefer Irish whiskey for its mellower, sweeter flavoring, in comparison to other types of whisky, such as bourbon or scotch. This is a result of the ingredients and processes of making Irish whiskey, such as the practice of triple distilling the whiskey, as opposed to the double distilling of whiskies from other regions.

Whiskey Marketplace supplies dozens of types of Irish whiskey that are sure to bring the legacy of Irish Whiskey to the lips of whiskey lovers worldwide. One of the most famous brands, Bushmills Whiskey, is available in a great selection of bottlings. Bushmills Whiskey is one of the oldest brands of whiskey which is still made in Ireland and has a great following behind it.

Another popular brand of whiskey is Cooley, which one of the three major distilleries within Ireland. Cooley, in particular, is famous for its single malt and blended whiskies, which have an exceptional taste. For those who want to buy whiskey online,… (Click for full release)