Italian Pizza Star Gabriele Bonci Opens Roman Style Pizzeria in Miami

Hailed in Italy as the “Michelangelo of Pizza,” Chef Gabriele Bonci and his team have opened Bonci Pizza in Miami’s Wynwood district. The chef’s famous creations from his landmark Pizzarium eatery in Rome were hailed by the late Anthony Bourdain as, “amazing, amazing, amazing!” With one in Chicago, his second US restaurant now resides inside Wynwood Cube at 222 NW 24th Street.


“The people of Miami are full of flavor and they appreciate food that is accessible but also delicious and satisfying” says Bonci. “Between the vibrancy of the Wynwood Arts District, the weather and the culture, coming here was the obvious next place to open after the success of our Chicago restaurant.”


Within Miami’s growing culinary scene there has been an obvious gap in authentic world-class pizza. Bonci’s signature dough is made with a proprietary blend of heritage stone ground flours produced in Italy, and it takes 72 hours to rise. This process produces an inimitable light and airy crust that is also crunchy.


Each day the chef offers new flavors, with some available only once in the year. Popular daily selections include: meatball, sopressata, zucchini ricotta lemon black pepper and potato mozzarella. The pizzas are sold by the pound, are served on cast-iron trays and are cut with scissors.


In addition, the menu features antipasto with red wine vinaigrette, mixed greens with cherry tomatoes, shaved parmesan and lemon dressing and Caprese with balsamic. In honor of the new location, Bonci Pizza will create and serve dishes inspired by the local community and Miami’s distinct culture.


“The important thing is to preserve the integrity of pizza we’re bringing to Miami,” says Rick Tasman, CEO of Bonci USA. “Chef is meticulous about the ingredients, making sure that it is all at par with what is available in Rome. The people of Miami are in for a real treat.”


Chef Bonci is known for emphasizing the importance of “three” as in keeping the recipes simple and using three top quality ingredients in each process. The concept is also reflected in an eating experience that is fast, fresh, and affordable.


Bonci Pizza is located at 232 NW 24th St, Miami, FL 33127. The space has 70 seats, including 14 patio tables and is open from 11am to 9pm, except for Saturdays when they close at 10pm. For more information visit