It’s Celiac Awareness Month

It’s Celiac Awareness MonthCeliac Disease, which affects an estimated 3 million Americans, is a hereditary auto immune disorder caused by consuming foods or medicine containing the protein gluten.

Wheat, barley, and rye are the foods where gluten is found. The only treatment for Celiac Disease is complete abstinence from gluten, so bread, pasta, granola, flour tortillas, and crackers, among many other popular food choices are off limits to those with Celiac Disease

Most grocery stores and restaurants now offer consumers a variety of gluten-free choices, and they feature gluten free alternatives for popular foods. In spite of this, it can still be challenging to find good tasting alternatives for foods containing gluten.

Those with Celiac Disease need not feel deprived, as it is becoming easier to locate savory substitutions for gluten filled fare. For example, a simple switch from flour to corn tortillas is an easy gluten free swap. Keeping stir fry gluten free and flavorful is a cinch, if you season your dish with tamari instead of soy sauce. There are lots of tasty gluten free pastas readily available today, and try you can create a yummy gluten free snack if you replace granola with chopped nuts.

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