June is Georgia Blueberry Month

The Honorable Governor Nathan Deal has proclaimed June as Georgia Blueberry Month, highlighting one of the state’s most valuable crops.

June also marks the peak of season for Georgia Blueberries, which have a harvest that lasts from late April through July, the longest in North America for the berry.

“Georgia is among the top five blueberry-producing states in the U.S.,” stated Joe Cornelius, Chairman of the Georgia Blueberry Commission. “We expect another great season with about 60 million pounds harvested. Given the rate of production over the last couple of seasons, Georgia could become the second largest blueberry producer in a few years.”

The health benefits of blueberries make them an excellent addition to nearly any recipe. Full of antioxidants, Georgia Blueberries are a delicious way to lower cholesterol and decrease your risk of heart disease and cancer. They’re high in fiber, contain no fat and at just 80 calories per cup, Sweet Georgia Blues are an easy and convenient snack.

This is by far my favorite savory Georgia blueberry dish.  It is so good I could eat it once a week.  It’s also easy to prepare making it a fabulous weeknight recipe.  The relish is sweet and pairs well with the roasted chicken, but would also be good with other poultry – such as turkey breast.

Chicken with Georgia Blueberry Relish

2 boneless skinless chicken breasts

1 cup Georgia blueberries

½ up sugar

½ cup water

Olive oil to coat frying pan

Butterfly the chicken breasts to make cooking quicker.  Add a few drizzles of olive oil in a heavy bottomed skillet.  Place chicken breasts in pan and allow chicken to brown before flipping and browning the other side.  Cook chicken through.

Combine Georgia blueberries, water, and sugar in a separate saucepan.  Bring to a boil, turn blueberries down to medium heat and allow to cook until blueberries reach a thick, relish consistency.

Serve warm Georgia blueberry relish over pan-fried chicken.

Recipe created by Denise Sawyer, food blogger

About the Georgia Blueberry Commission
In 2009, the Georgia Department of Agriculture formed the Georgia Blueberry Commission as a program to support research, education and promotion on behalf of the state’s growers. Georgia claims the longest season in the U.S. lasting from mid-April through the end of July to enjoy fresh Georgia Blueberries – our very own “Sweet Georgia Blues.” For more information, recipes and background on Georgia Blueberries, log onto www.GeorgiaBlueberries.org <http://www.GeorgiaBlueberries.org/>