What pairs great with coffee? A sweet treat! Beginning November 17, just in time for cozy season, KIT KAT® brand fans will be able to break into bakery bliss with a new item – the KIT KAT® Chocolate Frosted Donut Flavored Bar. Just like chocolate frosted donuts which are universally beloved, the KIT KAT® brand’s newest permanent flavor delivers fans a delicious treat that’s great morning, noon or night.

Kit Kat Launches Chocolate Frosted Donut Flavored Bar

This fall there’s no better time to cozy up with a KIT KAT® Chocolate Frosted Donut Flavored Bar and a warm cup of coffee, or whenever you need to take a break. Biting into the new KIT KAT® Chocolate Frosted Donut Flavored Bar delivers the experience of biting into a fresh donut, with smooth milk chocolate layered delicately on top of donut flavored creme.

“We know fans love our bakery inspired flavors like KIT KAT® Birthday Cake – and we thought, ‘who doesn’t love a classic chocolate frosted donut?!'” Said Alex Kuzior, Associate KIT KAT® Brand Manager. “The KIT KAT® Chocolate Frosted Donut Flavored Bar is a sweet addition to our permanent flavor portfolio and every bite delivers upon a delightful experience, reminiscent of a freshly baked donut from your favorite hometown bakery.”

Available nationwide in standard and king sizes, the KIT KAT® Chocolate Frosted Donut Flavored Bar joins the brand’s impressive list of exciting, and sometimes unexpected, flavors including Mint + Dark Chocolate, Birthday Cake, Strawberry + Dark Chocolate and more. Grab the new flavor while it’s hot! But donut worry, the KIT KAT® Chocolate Frosted Donut Flavored Bar is here to stay all year round.

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