Kitchen Solutions: Save Time and Ease Your Mind with These Kitchen Management Tools

By Ryan Slattery

Streamlining Your Kitchen: Time-Saving Tools for Efficiency

Kitchen environments can be unforgiving. And managing all the tasks throughout the day can be daunting when precision and time is everything. A little help from technology doesn’t hurt and can certainly keep the mind at ease. 

Technology in commercial kitchens isn’t anything new. For years, it’s been helping managers and employees steer clear of clipboards and binders by keeping everything close and available at one’s fingertips. Finding a comprehensive solution that is durable, reliable and easy to use is the goal of managers everywhere. 

Enter Renau Corporation, an innovative provider of reliable control system designs for the foodservice industry. The company was founded in the aerospace realm in 1981 by Polish immigrant and inventor Karol Renau. Fifteen years in, Renau took its expertise and expanded into a more demanding and harsher environment–the commercial kitchen.

For the company, adapting from aerospace to the kitchen was seamless, but acceptance of digital displays in the food world was lukewarm to start.    

“We started doing modular control systems that essentially act as the brains for the equipment. The technology carried over to the food service side,” says Michael Renau, the company’s vice president of sales and marketing. “We are used to doing critical applications. The commercial kitchen environment is a really harsh place. I mean, you got heat, humidity and grease, all around these devices and equipment.” 

To protect against these conditions, Renau fully encapsulates all the devices so they’re not exposed to the outside elements that could compromise them. Manufactured in Los Angeles, Renau has been providing quality foodservice devices including sensors, time and temperature management controls and full Smart Kitchen Systems (SKS) to restaurants all over the country. 

Renau’s unique time and temperature solutions eliminate the guesswork ensuring that food is properly cooked to the ideal temperature and stored accordingly and for the proper amount of time. While all the products can be purchased and used separately, the full SKS product line incorporates cloud software and synergizes everything for the best functionality to get the full benefits of the entire system.

Once programmed and customized, the products work harmoniously with the workers to ensure that everything is cooked the same way and to the same temperature every time. 

“Essentially, this will improve quality and consistency with all operations,” Renau says. “It also empowers staff, regardless of their experience, by literally telling them exactly what to do, how to do it and when to do it, giving them confidence every step of the way. It’s so much easier having that automated for you. It really helps remove some of the weight on their shoulders.”

And it’s simple to use and helps reduce the chance for human error.

“We’d like to think that we actually turned humans into robots,” Renau says with a laugh. “It becomes second nature. You hear the beep. You automatically go over there and you flip the patty or you lift the fry basket. The whole system was designed to be simple enough to be used by everyone.”

The ability to digitize a commercial kitchen has so many benefits, Renau says, helping streamline operations by putting all the management tools together in a central, accessible location.

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“There’s still so much room for technology in the kitchen,” Renau states. “Typically, this information would be laminated, either in a binder that no one can seem to find or taped to a piece of equipment. Technology removes the guesswork.”Learn more about the Smart Kitchen System by visiting or contact them at to get started today!