Krak Boba, the go-to destination for an array of delightful bubble tea beverages, proudly announces the launch of its much-anticipated coffee and hot drinks menu. With creative and unique offerings, Krak Boba’s new menu additions aim to elevate the beverage experience, and further expand the already beloved range of drinks as the perfect complement to their widely popular bubble tea offerings.

Krak Boba Launches Rich Coffee and Handcrafted Hot Drinks to Complement Popular Boba Drinks

Krak Boba is a bubble tea brand founded on the principles of creativity, authenticity and quality. They take pride in using only the finest ingredients to craft their signature boba teas, which feature exciting flavor combinations. Each drink on the menu has been taste-tested and highly rated before being added to the menu, including the coffee and hot drinks. Krak Boba’s commitment to guest satisfaction and their passion for reimagining traditional boba drinks truly sets them apart. Krak Boba is a rapidly growing brand in the boba tea market, with eight locations open in Southern California, and 13 locations opening soon in Florida, Texas, Minnesota, Indiana and more in Northern California.


The coffee menu, which is available at all Krak Boba locations, has a variety of delicious coffee drinks to choose from, including Taro Coffee, Matcha Coffee, Creme Brûlée Coffee, Krak Coffee and the Frap Star. Whether guests prefer the bold intensity of a Matcha Coffee, the comforting warmth of signature Krak Coffee or a sweet caramel blend in the Frap Star, Krak Boba’s coffee menu has something for everyone’s palate, including those looking for an extra caffeine boost.


The hot drink menu, launching in the beginning of December, showcases five meticulously crafted options, each tailored for the refined palate. Among them are a decadent hot chocolate, a fragrant hot Matcha latte, their signature hot milk tea, a soothing hot jasmine green milk tea and a luscious hot taro latte. These delectable hot drinks are available for a limited time, enticing guests with their rich flavors and unique profiles.


“We really wanted to create something for each and every guest, including the coffee and hot drink fanatics,” said Tin Do, CEO of Krak Boba. “Whether you’re a devoted coffee fan seeking a caffeine buzz or a boba enthusiast looking for an exciting blend of flavors, we want to be the place when you rule your day and find your perfect sip of happiness. We believe that diversity in our offerings not only caters to the diverse tastes of our community but also reflects our commitment to creating an atmosphere where everyone feels welcomed.”


To kick off this exciting launch, Krak Boba is also introducing the “Send $25, get $5” promotion for their loyalty reward members, which will run from now through December 25th. Through the loyalty program, guests who send a $25 Krak Boba gift card to a friend or family member will receive a $5 credit in their loyalty account that can be redeemed online and in-store.

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To explore Krak Boba’s coffee menu, hot drinks menu and take advantage of the “Send $25, get $5” promotion, visit any of their locations, order online at or download the Krak Boba app for easier access. For media inquiries, please contact Bianca Kasawdish at


About Krak Boba

Krak Boba is not just a boba tea brand; it’s a revolution in the making. Founded on a relentless pursuit of flavor innovation and a commitment to authenticity, Krak Boba has swiftly emerged as a vibrant force in the dynamic world of boba tea. The brand believes in unearthing the strength within you, celebrating authenticity, and defying conventions. Our mission is to craft powerful elixirs that invigorate your senses, infuse you with vitality, and empower you to reign supreme in your daily adventures. Because, at Krak Boba, we know that you were born to rule!


With an unwavering commitment to excellence and a boundless spirit of innovation, we invite you to sip, savor, and celebrate the extraordinary. Krak Boba is your passport to flavor-filled escapades that awaken your inner ruler. Join us in challenging the norm and embracing the exceptional, one extraordinary sip at a time. To learn more, please visit