LeVecke Wine Beer and Spirits Producing Hand Sanitizer in Response to Depleting Supply Due to COVID-19 Pandemic

A Californian company is joining the fight against COVID-19 by learning to produce hand sanitizer in order to help meet recent shortages on the front lines of the pandemic. LeVecke Wine, Beer and Spirits is focused on maximizing impact by creating sanitizer available in cases of 200ML bottles, 5-gallon buckets and 250-gallon totes. Although the company has produced several runs of sanitizer in recent weeks, growing demand requires allocation be prioritized based on recipients.

Carl LeVecke, C.O.O., said “During times of need, especially unprecedented times like these, it’s critical that companies find ways support the local community and adapt to meet changing needs”. In the weeks and months that follow, the product will be sold to frontline agencies who are most at risk for exposure to COVID-19; first responders, healthcare and medical workers, and high-risk organizations and individuals that are on the front lines of this crisis.

LeVecke is following the World Health Organization’s guidelines to make their hand sanitizer.

“We are inspired by the many individuals and companies across our industry coming together in order to help how they can.” President Joe LeVecke added, “We want to thank those in our community who are putting themselves at risk to keep us safe and healthy, including healthcare professionals, first-responders, grocery store employees and the many other essential workers on the frontline against COVID-19; we are forever grateful and appreciative of your support and will continue to fight this alongside all of you.”

  • Working with distributors across the country.

  • we are procuring and producing as much as we can. there is an absolute shortage. We are procuring and producing over 75,000 gallons in April alone. We are working tirelessly to produce and procure at least that much again in May. If we can produce or procure more we will.

  • there is not enough to meet all of the demand so we are prioritizing in the following fashion. First responders and those serving first responders particularly in hotspots like New York are immediately prioritized. They receive orders first and foremost always.

  • many if not most orders are either donated or discounted which has equated to over 70% of the orders.

  • this is a moment to serve the community not create a business opportunity. that is and remains our priority.