Luxurious Beluga Caviar Bar opens its doors at SVO Moscow, Terminal C

BELUGA GROUP presents a brand new, luxurious Beluga Caviar Bar located in the departure area of Sheremetyevo International Airport’s Terminal С.


Just like the Beluga Caviar Bar at GUM, it follows the traditions of vodka and caviar pairing, which is indicated by the inscription “Best consumed with caviar” on each Beluga Vodka bottle.


The bespoke menu includes all the varieties of the Beluga vodka range, as well as delicious starters, mainly seafood and different kinds of caviar.


Providing a unique, unforgettable experience for travelers, the new Beluga Caviar Bar will invite them to explore all the shades and hints of Beluga’s unique taste profile, paired with the best caviar.


The cornerstone of the menu is a sets of Beluga shots (or a Beluga-based cocktails) served alongside dark rye sweet cake with black caviar, Pacific Bluefin tuna on an avocado cushion, Kamchatka crab with Rouille sauce, Faroe Islands salmon under caramelized unagi sauce, different rolls, and many more delicious dishes.


The exclusive, super-premium, Beluga Epicure vodka will also be available as a shot and guests will be able to purchase the luxury vodka, which comes in a legendary Lalique crystal decanter.

On the wine list, visitors can also find Beluga Hunting bitters, still and sparkling wines and a selection of imported brands and spirits.

The luxurious, art deco interior, which includes the distinctive “Caviar Jar” aesthetics and distinguished materials: wood, brass, marble and velvet, will provide a calming environment for consumers before their flight.

Location: Sheremetyevo Airport, Terminal C, 3rd Floor, departure area, international flights.

Hours of operation: 24/7.

BELUGA GROUP is one of the three largest Russian vodka exporters and the first in terms of volume in the super premium market segment.


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