Luxury Indoor Fountains – Impress Your Customers with a Dynamic Waterfall

Indoor fountains and bubble walls bring luxury, elegance and tranquility to your environment.  Many restaurants, hotels and salons have added interior water features as the focal point of their décor.  These impressive fountains are offered in a variety of sizes and styles and are sure to impress your guests and visitors.  Indoor waterfalls offer a peaceful ambiance with their natural beauty and soothing sounds.

Choose from a variety of dynamic options for your interior water feature.  Three of our most popular styles are shown below.

Luxury Indoor Fountains – Impress Your Customers with a Dynamic WaterfallGlass Waterfalls

Most glass fountains can be viewed equally from both sides allowing you to use them as a divider wall or partition between rooms.  The water flow is generally down one side of the glass, but it appears to be on both sides if a clear sheet of glass is used.  You may also choose from a variety of custom sizes and frame colors to best fit your space and match your décor. These glass fountains can be framed with stainless steel, natural copper, or wood to help create a unique and classy impression.

Luxury Indoor Fountains – Impress Your Customers with a Dynamic Waterfall

Stone or Slate Fountains

If you prefer a more natural feel, then a stone or slate fountain may work best for you.  These stone designed fountains are typically one sided, so they are mostly displayed against the wall or as a backdrop display.  Again, many custom options are available so you can choose from a number of stone colors and styles including natural slate, marble or stacked stone.

Luxury Indoor Fountains – Impress Your Customers with a Dynamic Waterfall

Bubble Walls and Panels

Indoor bubble walls have become increasingly popular during recent years.  These exciting water features offer a beautiful and modern appeal.  Most styles include colorful LED lighting with a fun and entertaining visual effect.  Aside from the stunning appearance, one of the greatest benefits to owning a bubble wall is the easy maintenance and minimal upkeep. Most styles are 100% sealed so they do not require routine cleaning and filling with water. Simply install the bubble feature in your location, fill it with distilled water and enjoy the beauty without the need for regular upkeep compared to a traditional waterfall or fountain.  All custom sizes are available to best fit your room and budget.

Luxury Indoor Fountains – Impress Your Customers with a Dynamic WaterfallWater Gallery is the leading source for indoor fountains and bubble walls in the USA, and their team of experts has over 30 years of experience designing and fabricating top quality water designs.  During the past few years we have seen a huge increase in bubble walls for many businesses.  These popular and dynamic water panels are located in high-end restaurants, upscale salons and a variety of business across the county.  Unlike traditional waterfall designs the enclosed bubble features do not experience evaporation and do not require routine cleaning making it much more enjoyable to own and display.  Their unique appearance and color changing LEDs will enhance the overall impact of your décor and give your customers something special to remember.

Water Gallery offers a variety of wall hanging, floor standing and custom water features on their web site: They offer custom design services and free shipping nationwide.  Since 2007 Water Gallery has sold millions of dollars worth of luxury indoor waterfalls to hundreds of businesses across the nation. Their experienced staff prides itself in offering top quality fountains while using only the best materials available in the industry.

At Water Gallery our goal is to provide you with superior customer service while offering the best indoor water features for the lowest possible prices. Call us anytime at 866-518-6849, email, or visit our online store at to browse our extensive inventory of pre-fabricated and custom water feature designs.