Meet The DC Restaurant Serving BLT Sushi

The Most Interesting Sushi in Washington DC

BLT Sushi, Salmon Pearls, Curry Miso Crème Fraiche & More

Meet The DC Restaurant Serving BLT SushiOver past decade sushi has become a culinary staple in every city in America. Now, with some type of sushi spot on every corner, menus start to all look the same. One restaurant is aiming to take things to the next level by offering a selection of unique rolls that go above and beyond what’s on your typical sushi and sashimi.

Known for its chic décor, lively atmosphere, and contemporary Asian-influenced menu, Sea Pearl is proud to offer an out-of-this-world sushi menu dedicated to the adventurous eaters. In keeping with the restaurant’s mission of letting local produce inspire each season’s menu, Chef Liao uses his finely-tuned presentation techniques to bring diners a diverse menu that’s just as appealing to the eyes as it is the palate.

Highlights of the current sushi menu include:


Braised Pork Belly, Cucumber, Avocado, Lettuce, Sundried Tomato Mayo, Bacon Dust, Sweet Soy Glaze

Dancing Lotus

Hamachi, Garam Masala, Pickled Lotus Root, Avocado, Mango, Jalapeno, Crispy Rice Noodle, Curry Miso Crème Fraiche, Cilantro Sauce

Surf & Turf

Wagyu Beef, Maine Lobster, Asparagus, Truffle Sweet Soy, Kizame

Fatty Goose

Foie-Gras, Miso Soy, Tuna, Green Apple, Hoisin Balsamic Plum Wine

Mother of Pearl

Tempura Oysters, Old Bay Spice, Spicy Cab Stick, Pickled Cucumber, Salmon Pearls, Rice Pearls, Sriracha Yuzu Aioli

Located Falls Church, VA, Sea Pearl is a chic restaurant and lounge that has developed an impressive reputation as an East Coast dining destination for innovative Asian-inspired cuisine. The large and diverse menu, which change seasonally, is unlike anything else in the Washington DC metro area. Chef Liao combines the essence of contemporary American dishes with bold Asian flavors and textures to create dishes that are as beautiful as they are delicious. Highlights from the winter 2016 menu include Duck & Pine Nut Potstickers served with a Honey Soy Dipping Sauce, Szechwan Filet Mignon with Sugar Snap Peas, Shitake Mushrooms, Kabocha Corn Pudding & Spicy Szechwan Chili Sauce and Fried Brussels Sprouts with Peanut Cream & Pomegranate

Seeds. A large menu of signature sushi rolls include tantalizing combinations and unexpected ingredients. The space itself is just as attractive and refined as the food coming out of the kitchen. Modern chandeliers and minimalist decor give the restaurant a trendy vibe, while mother-of-pearl curtains and walnut hardwood floors add an element of warmth and serenity to the space. A large bar area provides the perfect backdrop for casual drinks with friends or happy hour with colleagues.

Sea Pearl Restaurant & Lounge is located at 8191 Strawberry Ln. #2 in Falls Church, VA (just outside of Washington DC.) For more information please visit

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