Mexican Independence Day

Mexican Independence Day is a holiday that has surpassed the popularity of Cinco de Mayo in Mexico and on Saturday, September 15th, Americans will join the fiesta. I’d love to do a segment with you on the best ways to celebrate Mexican Independence Day with a fun, Mexican-themed party and Tequila REVOLUCION’s Mexico REVOLUCION cocktail. Mexican Independence Day marks the end of Spanish rule and the start of a revolution for Mexico.  Enjoy the holiday with Tequila REVOLUCION, an ultra-premium tequila distilled in Jalisco, Mexico, served on the rocks or mixed.



A fresh drink full of life, just like our México.
·      2 oz.  of Tequila REVOLUCION 100 PROOF

·      1 lime

·      1 lime supreme

·      Lime zest (1/2 lime)

·      Orange zest (1/4 orange)

·      1 dash of Natural Syrup

·      Grain salt

·      Worm salt

Stir the limejuice in a glass with a touch of natural syrup. Then, add crushed ice and the lime and orange zest. Last, add the grain salt. The drink serves itself in complement with a shot of tequila REVOLUCION 100 PROOF. Stir the shot into the glass and observe how the elements merge while you pour it.
TIP: If you do not have worm salt, frost the glass with salt, mixed with ground-roasted peppers.