Miami Beach based Vero Water making a splash in the hospitality industry

Vero Water is now a leading provider of luxury still and sparkling water to the hospitality industry

Miami Beach based Vero Water making a splash in the hospitality industry Miami Beach based Vero Water making a splash in the hospitality industryHeadquartered just a block off Lincoln Road in Miami Beach, Vero Water has taken the hospitality industry by storm by going from start up to a national brand in under five years. Vero has rapidly become the “water of choice” for a continuously growing number of the most celebrated chefs, restaurants, bars, hotels, spas and cutting-edge companies across the U.S. And it started here in Miami by seeding with Miami’s innovative and emerging chefs in Midtown, the Design District and Wynwood. It then reached out to top chefs in NY and LA. After overwhelming acceptance, Vero has expanded to 40 states, is in thousands of outlets and is poised to partner with national, multi-unit accounts. Its success and innovative proposition has attracted savvy investors such as the Winklevoss twins.

Vero Water is now a leading provider of luxury still and sparkling water to the hospitality industry that offers exceptional tasting water —on site and on demand—swiftly, more profitably and sustainably by transforming tap water.


85% of consumers ask for tap water, according to Vero’s research. Look around the next time you’re at a restaurant—how many tables, even in the most discerning establishments have ordered bottled water? In the hospitality industry, bottled water does produce high margins. However, bottled water has had relatively low opt in rates by guests. The high-added cost keeps most people from asking for bottled water with meals, despite the fact that many of them would purchase bottled water during the day.

For a small set charge per person (estimated $2-4) guests may enjoy as much Vero water as they like. Vero Water offers more profitability over high margin bottled waters. The reasonable cost and
continuous refills offer a value for guests and an opportunity to “trade up” tap water consumers. Establishments are finding high buy in rates for Vero. “Integrating Vero Water into our restaurant operation was seamless – from installation to training,” said Brian Lieberman, owner of OLA restaurant located at the Sanctuary Hotel in Miami Beach. “Switching to Vero Water has significantly increased the profitability of our water business versus traditional bottled water.”


Vero Water fulfills the growing desire for sustainability in the hospitality industry. It meets guests’ desire for tap water– and enhances it. The signature bottles are reusable. No waste is produced from the bottles as they are washed and refilled for future guests. There is minimal carbon footprint resulting in an extreme reduction in food miles. Vero bottles are filled on-site and on-demand versus the sourcing, extracting, filling, storage and shipping of bottled water— which comes from a variety of countries and locales, often thousands of miles away from the outlet.


A cornerstone of the company’s success is its commitment to providing unparalleled customer service fulfilling its mission to be a true partner to clients. Vero Water’s concierge level of customer support includes proactive maintenance that ensures every bottle of Vero served is a perfect pour. Customer service team members have more than 5 years experience. In addition, when clients call for service, they speak with a Vero Water Service Executive—not an operator or voicemail. Most calls are answered same day or within 24 hours. Vero has a national service network comprised of partners in every state to support clients nationwide.


Established in most celebrated and awarded establishments nationally. Grown from 3 to 40 states and in thousands of outlets. Inc magazine in 2015 reported $2.3M in sales. Since then, new investors have joined. With the fast growth, (almost doubled) exact sales figures are now proprietary. In terms of the future, Vero conservatively projecting that the business will triple by 2018. Twenty employees, with 9 based in the Miami Beach headquarters. Vero was selected to be an Endeavor company by the Miami chapter.