Michelin-Starred Chef Partners with Medical Concierge + Sets Standards for Safety in Winter + Fabio Trabocchi Restaurants

Reopening and operating restaurants during this unprecedented time is an industry-wide challenge, it even hits home for a Michelin-starred chef and his restaurants. Fabio Trabocchi Restaurants included a staff of 600 before the pandemic and has since hired back 300 employees – Trabocchi has also returned to the daily duties of being on the line to support the team. When keeping a restaurant open in the pandemic it is essential to maintain the standards of safety – the first part of the re-opening plan was partnering with Dr. Ernest Brown and his concierge medical service at the outset to develop the best practices for COVID-19 compliance and response.

Together, a comprehensive guide was developed that outlines every specific safety measure and obligation to protect diners and employees. This toolkit continues to evolve and serves as a resource for how Fabio Trabocchi Restaurants – including Fiola Mare, Del Mar, Sfoglina in Arlington and Van Ness, and Fiola 2.0 in Washington, DC – operate cautiously and responsibly while remaining true to its core values and mission. Initiatives include:

  • Implementation of a secure, private portal for contact tracing of all employees and managers, including Fabio, to conduct daily wellness reporting before arriving. (Temperature checks and test results)
  • Providing rapid COVID-19 testing to employees if needed
  • Utilization of UV light wands used to sanitize service and surfaces
  • Adding a full-time restroom attendant to sanitize on a consistent basis
  • Hygienic storage option at the table for guests to store their masks during the meal
  • Re-training and recertification on hygiene, safety, and sanitation standards through mandatory industry-specific courses

Trabocchi adds, “We are happy to have once again opened our doors to be cooking again and seeing familiar faces. That is why we all got into this industry is for the hospitality and serve others well – a goal we strive for daily. But it is a responsibility we do not take lightly and more so during this time and the months ahead. There is nothing more important for our team and guests to feel confident in our establishments and with the safety precautions we are taking for everyone’s well-being.”