Michter’s Releases US*1 Unblended American Whiskey As Still Maker Vendome Builds A Custom Still For Michter’s M2 Distillery In Shively

Michter’s Releases US*1 Unblended American Whiskey As Still Maker Vendome Builds A Custom Still For Michter’s M2 Distillery In ShivelyThis is an exciting time for Michter’s as it releases its first bottling of Michter’s American Whiskey in over two years. Master Distiller Willie Pratt – called “Dr. No” by the Michter’s sales force because of his penchant for frequently delaying the bottling of whiskey by saying, “No, the whiskey is not ready yet. It will be better with more maturity” – has finally said yes. He gave his resounding approval for the release stating, “I wanted to wait until the American Whiskey was just right, and I believe it’s the best it has ever been.”

Michter’s US*1 Unblended American Whiskey is unique because unlike most other American whiskey producers, Michter’s does not blend in grain neutral spirits. Furthermore, Pratt can be more creative with the grain selection for his American whiskey since it is not classified as a bourbon (where the mashbill by law must be 51% or more corn), nor is it classified as a rye (where the mashbill must be 51% or more rye grain). While bourbon and rye must be aged in new barrels, American whiskey need not be, so Pratt utilizes bourbon soaked barrels, previously used once, in the aging of Michter’s American Whiskey. The resulting spirit is characteristically rich and smooth. The team at Michter’s couldn’t be more pleased to be announcing this distinctive release.

More excitement surrounds Michter’s M2 operation in Shively, a section of Louisville with a legendary whiskey heritage. World-renowned still maker Vendome is working on a custom-built 32 inch diameter, 62 foot high copper column still with a distinctive copper pot still doubler that will be housed in Michter’s 65,000 square foot M2 plant, situated on 5.6 acres. Designed by Vendome’s Rob Sherman and Pratt, this new still will allow Michter’s to eventually bring more great whiskey to the market to satisfy growing demand.

Also during this period, construction has resumed on Michter’s historic Fort Nelson building at 801 West Main Street across the street from the Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory on the city’s “Museum Row.” Contractor Sullivan and Cozart is restarting reinforcement of this designated Louisville landmark built in the 1800’s. Earlier delays caused by structural issues presented by the bowing of the West Main Street wall required a full closure of the street as well as the placement of a large, temporary steel reinforcement structure on the exterior of the affected side of the building. Having resolved this issue, Michter’s looks forward to continuing the restoration and renovation of this architecturally significant building.

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