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Mikuriya – the new omakase restaurant at the Dolder Grand

Having cooked at prestigious restaurants on Okinawa – “island of centenarians” – and following stints in Japan, Germany and Switzerland, chef Yusuke Sasaki is gracing the Dolder Grand with another enduring restaurant concept. The five-star hotel now also offers its guests Japanese cuisine with a culinarily artistic flavor.


“Mikuriya”, the name of his restaurant, means “kitchen that prepares food for special guests”. Guests at the Dolder Grand get to savor this delicious cuisine, which uses seasonal ingredients such as king crab, scallops and wagyu beef to deliver a new take on kappo-style sushi. Yusuke Sasaki prepares his specialties right in front of his guests, at the counter, serving up a culinary experience for all five senses. The Japanese chef’s restaurant on the fourth floor – open Tuesday to Saturday from 7.00 p.m. – can seat up to eight booked-in guests at a time at the counter. Dinner costs CHF 300.00 per person, excluding drinks.

“Dinner at Mikuriya is an evening-long event,” says Sasaki, who hails from Yokohama. “The 18-course meal I prepare is all about one word – omakase. ‘Omakase’ comes from the verb ‘makaseru’, which literally means ‘trust’, and is figuratively translated as ‘I’ll leave it up to you’. This term is used when the guest lets the chef decide what food to serve. It’s a style of cuisine that is revered in Japanese culture and arouses curiosity.”

During dinner at Mikuriya, the chef chats to his guests about all things culinary while giving free rein to his innovative and artistic talent. Eggs, fish and meat are lovingly shaped into kappo-style sushi right before the guests’ eyes as the chef reveals one or two of the secrets of Japanese cuisine.

Guests can also order sake, shochu or Japanese beer to accompany selected courses. “Rice wine is far less acidic than its grape-based counterpart but has lots of umami, which enhances and accentuates the flavor of the food. Sake is the perfect accompaniment to this traditionally light cuisine, which focuses on the delicate original flavors of the ingredients – particularly in the case of sushi – and contains the subtlest of seasoning,” says Lisa Bader, Head Sommelier at the Dolder Grand.


About the restaurant

An area of the spectacular Suite 100 has been converted to house the new restaurant concept. The restaurant captivates guests with its purist design, its art and an unparalleled view of the historic main building, the city, Lake Zurich and the Alps.