Minus5 Ice Bar Honors All-Around Performer Frankie Moreno With Icy Crown Cocktail

Minus5 Ice Bar, the coolest bar in Sin City, continued its celebrity cocktail program by honoring Stratosphere Headliner, Frankie Moreno with the launch of his signature drink – Frankie’s Crown and Coke-o-nut.

Like getting a taste of old-school Vegas, this exclusive cocktail features a swinging blend of Skyy Infused Coconut Vodka, Crown Royal, and Coca-Cola, served in the famous Minus5 ice glasses. Other celebrity cocktails include Holly Madison’s Holly Mad-ICE-on, Carrot Top’s Heat Miser, Human Nature’s Inhumane Nature, Laura Croft’s Hypnoti-School Girl, and FANTASY’s Fant-ICE-see.

Moreno and brothers Tony Moreno (bass player in “Frankie Moreno Live”) and Ricky Moreno (songwriter & cast member in “Frankie Moreno Live”), along with Jennifer Lynn (lead violinist in “Frankie Moreno Live”) spent one hour enjoying the 1,200 square feet and 80 tons of ice that Minus5 has to offer.  Against all odds, Minus5 Ice Bar was able to make Frankie Moreno “cooler” than he usually is.

About Minus5
Created in New Zealand, Minus5 is a unique ice-themed experience where guests enjoy quality vodka cocktails served in a glass made of pure ice, all within in the beauty of a -5° Celsius (23° Fahrenheit) ice environment. This chilly experience begins with donning Minus5 parkas, gloves and boots and entering a frozen room complete with ice walls, an ice bar, ice seating covered with faux fur pelts, ice tables, and a variety of ice sculptures.  The experience is rounded out with a state-of-the-art sound and LED light show.  Upon exiting, guests can purchase 5 x 7 framed color photographs as a permanent memory of their time spent at Minus5 Ice Bar. Those looking to expand on their takeaways can also purchase high-quality Minus5 logo clothing and merchandise in an adjoining retail boutique. To learn more visit www.minus5experience.com or call (702) 643-7800. For social media updates connect Facebook.com/Minus5experience and @Minus5IceBar.