Mobile Pizza Pros Learn “Secret Sauce” to Business

Mobile Pizza Pros Learn “Secret Sauce” to BusinessFire Within Reveals its “Secret Sauce” for Mobile Entrepreneurship

Pizza ovens made by a Colorado-based company are making dreams come true for people worldwide seeking financial freedom through business ownership.

The company, Fire Within, sells the nation’s leading mobile wood-fired pizza ovens to catering companies, restaurants, small business owners, and entrepreneurs, including ones in Kuwait, Dubai, United Arab Emirates and Belgium. Five times a year, the company, which has sold more than 400 ovens, offers three-day workshops that empower participants to use the ovens to start their own catering companies, and, in the process, become financially independent.

Fire Within is offering a business model, a lifestyle, a dream and not just a mobile pizza oven,” said Fire Within owner and President Ajith Dharma. “The company has helped launch the careers of hundreds of successful mobile wood-fired pizza oven entrepreneurs around the world, who have been able to turn their passion for pizza into a long-lasting and rewarding career.”

The company’s workshops do more than just show participants how to use the ovens, Dharma said. Participants leave the workshops knowing how to implement a business plan.

“We’d never have guessed that the Fire Within Workshop would be so valuable to us; we were already owner-operators of a successful food service business,” said Kathy Hester, who owns an artisan bread shop called the Bake House with her  husband, Tom, in Las Cruces, N.M.

“Not only did we learn about the endless ways to use a wood fired oven for pizza and other culinary delights, but to be able to gain valuable expertise from a thriving Fire Within community was priceless.”

Besides learning how to prepare pizza, participants learn how to use the ovens to prepare appetizers, breakfast sandwiches, poultry, meat and bread.

Fire Within owners can now be found serving artisan pizza and other food items at farmers’ markets, festivals, picnics, parties, brew pubs, restaurants, catered events,  and everywhere in between.

The ovens are lightweight, efficient, and safe, and can cook an eight-inch pizza in 90 seconds when fully heated.

“Fire Within pizza oven owners have become a community of ‘foodie’ entrepreneurs who love to share their best practices, review lessons learned from past mistakes, and show off their recipes to one another,” Dharma said. “We like to think that Fire Within owners receive the knowledge and support that a franchisee would receive, at a fraction of the cost.”

About Fire Within

Fire Within manufactures and sells the nation’s leading mobile wood-fired pizza ovens to catering companies, restaurants, small business owners, and entrepreneurs. Fire Within hosts five annual workshops that, together with providing a proven business plan, give participants hands-on instruction in working the ovens and preparing delicious pizza and other food items. With more than 400 ovens operating across the nation and internationally, the Fire Within community continues to provide food-loving entrepreneurs with the guidance and resources necessary to run a successful independent business. Owners of Fire Within mobile pizza ovens can be found providing tasty meals at scores of locations: from restaurants, farmers’ markets, and brew pubs, to weddings, picnics, parties, and everywhere in between.  For more information or to register for an upcoming Fire Within Workshop, please go to  or call 888-878-7565