Eating out more often, giving back to the community – and getting paid to do it?  Yes, please. That’s why we’ve named MOGL the BEST FOOD APP for 2012.  Not only is it currently the fastest-growing loyalty program for restaurants on the west coast, MOGL is the first and only platform that motivates guests to frequent venues more often with three key rewards: 10% cash back on every check; donating a meal to Feeding America for every $20 spent; and harnessing the power of game mechanics through jackpot cash rewards for the top spenders each month.  MOGL’s innovative and seamless approach to loyalty is a no-brainer for restaurants and requires no extra technology or training.  Guests never have to present coupons or QR codes either – they simply pay their bill with their MOGL–registered debit or credit card and automatically receive all of the benefits of being a member.  And the best part?  MOGL has already given more than $1.5 million cash-back to its users (a bit more compelling than the free dessert model, don’t you think?), while delivering on its promise to increase loyalty for its restaurant partners month after month. In fact, MOGL members frequent XX more often than non-members and spend approximately 78% more per check whenthey do.  Our advice: get on the MOGL train!

Download MOGL’s super easy-to-use app for iPhone or Android and search thousands of participating restaurants throughout California (soon to be nationwide). The app also tracks your cash-back status, how many meals have been donated on your behalf to date, and your current rankings toward winning monthly MOGL jackpots. <>