Monumental Artisans: Photo Reveal of Junction Bistro, Bar & Bakery’s Capitol Hill Location

Inspired by the concept of ‘monumental artisans’–the people and physical structures behind the great buildings of Washington, D.C.–//3877 examined the contextuality of the locale when strategizing its design approach for the eatery’s newest location.

Celebrating the ‘nitty-gritty’ materials of the built environment, Junction’s design prioritizes a pared-down, eclectic aesthetic, favoring reds, blues and natural wood tones; red tile is a nod to the timeless history of the Capitol Hill brick, and the inclusion of natural wood brings warmth. Navy blue balances this warmth, in addition to acknowledging the District’s political history.

Junction’s design is a celebration of Capitol Hill’s unique architecture; defined by its strong architectural elements and simultaneously delicate construction details, //3877 mirrored this dichotomy found within the city to create a bistro, bar, and bakery that is equal parts eclectic as it is inviting and familiar.