Mother’s Day Drink Recipes

Treat Mom with a great drink this Mother’s Day!  Skip those long brunch lines and prepare her some specialty cocktails at home!  Whether Mom loves her booze or she prefers to stay non-alcoholic, here are a few brand new recipes that will pamper her exactly as she deserves.


Fig Bellini
(Non- Alcoholic)

2 barspoons of fig preserve
3 oz CASCAL Crisp White Soda

Add fig preserve into bottom of a mixing glass. Pour in 1 oz of CASCAL Crisp White and shake hard with ice. Fine strain into glass and top with remaining chilled Crisp White.

Sophisticated non-alcoholic drink. CASCAL Crisp White Soda is an excellent alternative to champagne in this cocktail. Mellow subtle sweetness. Complex flavors.

Tea-Rose Petal

1 oz gin
2 barspoons of tea-rose petal
2 oz CASCAL Ripe Rouge Soda

In the bottom of a mixing glass add gin and tea-rose petal, shake hard with ice. Then pour in the CASCAL Ripe Rouge, stir gently and then fine strain into a Cocktail glass.

Elegant and sophisticated with subtle complexity.

CASCAL is a deliciously complex fermented soda crafted with natural juices and light on calories.  CASCAL is available nationwide at major retailers including Whole Foods, Bristol Farms, Gelson’s,  Ralph’s, Berkeley Bowl, Draeger’s, Earth Fare, Faireway and other natural grocers.