NAYA – Seriously Wholesome Middle Eastern Food: Now Open In Paramus

Bergen County’s dining options have been enlivened by the Paramus opening of NAYA Middle Eastern Counter & Grill, an exciting new neighborhood spot for delicious and truly authentic Middle Eastern flavors.

NAYA: Middle Eastern Food Now Open in Paramus

Flourishing since 2010, the NAYA concept has proven to be very popular, foremost for its taste, with recipes inherited from older generations and refined for modern diners; the consistent quality and freshness of its ingredients; and the simply generous value of NAYA’s portions.

NAYA offers guests a multitude of flavorful choices. Upon entering, they are invited to choose their Base: a NAYA Roll (thin white or whole wheat pita), a bountiful Bowl (white rice, or five different kinds of seasonal grains), or a super-fresh Salad (crispy Romaine hearts, or a seasonal blend).


The centerpiece of the meal is their choice of Protein, where NAYA’s home-style recipes truly shine:

CHICKEN SHAWARMA: roasted, marinated chicken

CHICKEN SHISH TAOUK: grilled marinated chicken breast

BEEF SHAWARMA: roasted, marinated beef

KAFTA LAMB KEBAB: grilled beef & lamb meatballs

CAULIFLOWER: roasted florets, turmeric, za’atar dukkah

FALAFEL: fried chickpea croquette, herbs, spices

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Guests can personalize their Roll, Bowl or Salad with any (or all!) of 17 different toppings. From exceptional expressions of Middle Eastern classics like Hummus, Baba Ghannouj, or Lemon Tahini; to the tang of Toum Garlic Whip, Pickled Lebanese Cucumbers or Turnips; or a flash of heat, with Jalapeños, Mild Red Sauce, or the even hotter Spicy Green Sauce.