New Cutting-Edge Technology Changing The Game in Restaurants Nationwide

New Cutting-Edge Technology Changing The Game in Restaurants NationwideBut, technology can also help smaller chains–and even mom and pop restaurants–to run their operations more efficiently than ever before, leveling the playing field, and ultimately, boosting bottom line profits. That’s created a rapidly growing new market for technology providers who are helping to change the way Americans dine out. Here are just a few examples:

  1. Givex provides a streamlined set of tools that better connect customers and restaurants to each other. Its Vexilor point-of-sale platform actually helps restaurants to run smarter, providing staffing insight, ordering accuracy improvements and simple integration with gift cards, loyalty programs, tableside ordering platforms and more. By helping smaller chains to improve their margins, Givex is also boosting the experience for millions of diners.
  2. Omnivore created the world’s first universal API, which allows restaurant applications, like MenuPad, Ready to Pay or Simply Seated, to communicate seamlessly with all of a restaurant’s other technology platforms. That makes restaurant operations run faster and more efficiently, while simultaneously providing new options like delivery and mobile payment for diners.
  3. MarketMan is a cloud-based inventory management system that streamlines a restaurant’s “back of house” operations, reducing food waste, simplifying the inventory ordering process, and, ultimately, saving restaurant owners money. The restaurant’s supplies are tracked and ordered through MarketMan’s mobile app, which allows invoices to simply be scanned, and the app does the rest.