New Gadgets for your Kitchen

Cube Tubes

Chill without the Spill
$14.99 (Pack of 2)
Cube Tubes is a vertical ice cube tray designed to drop ice right in to a drink. Just fill the tube with water, insert the divider, seal it and freeze. Once it’s frozen, hit the flexible bottom against a hard surface to loosen up the ice, pull handle and release. Cube Tubes makes 14 unique shaped ice cubes and is made of food safe plastic. This was a collaborative effort by 3 community members with the help of 6837 influencers.

Boil Buoy

Floats in the Pot, Rings when it’s Hot
Always know when your water has come to a boil with Boil Buoy. Just place Boil Buoy into a pot of water, turn up the heat, and wait for the ringing chime to let you know that your water is ready. The foam core provides buoyancy and the weighted bottom ensures Boil Buoy stays upright and ready to ring. This product is made from 100% food and heat-safe materials. Boil Buoy was invented by Ryan Kent of New York, NY with 418 influencers.


One Stop Shop
Chop chop! It’s time to take food preparation to the next level this holiday season. Mocubo is a bamboo cutting board with three food prep containers that help you slice, dice and organize like a master chef! The prep drawers separate and store ingredients and the rubber feet keeps the board steady as you work. Mocubo was invented by Justin Giannone of Huntington, NY with 778 influencers.

Grip Grater

Holds Tight, Grates Right
Spend more time with the family and less time in the kitchen. Quirky’s Grip Grater has four interchangeable stainless steel grater plates for more efficient grating. You can use it either vertically as a regular hand-held grater, or horizontally and grate directly onto a plate or bowl. Grip Grater was invented by Jim Young of Bellingham, WA with the help of 544 influencers.


Measure the Spread
Spread the word! Scoop is a flexible measuring spoon that converts into a spreading knife. Use the spoon to scoop the perfect amount of spread. Scoop’s hinges let’s you switch from spoon to spreader so you can smear your schmear evenly or drop ingredients right into a bowl. The measurement lines gauge serving size for easy portion control and the grip strips make it easy to handle. Scoop was invented by Patty Lovell from Canton, Ohio with the help of 1509 influencers.


Keep Your Wine in Line
$7.99 (pack of 2)
Put a cork to your bottles rolling around in the fridge with the simple, but elegant Vine. Out of space to store your bottles vertically in your fridge? Simply slide Vine over the neck of your favorite bottle. Let the good times roll and not your bottle! Vine fits standard 750ml bottles or larger and comes in a pack of 3. Vine was invented by Mark Rumaner of Aurora, IL with the help of 3000 influencers.


Harvest Your Herbs
Make herb stripping snappy with Graze, your comprehensive tool for stripping your favorite herbs off their stems. Just open Graze’s upper arm, place the herbs through the combs, close it, and strip away. The teeth offer various degrees of separation to accommodate different herbs with varying stem widths. Graze is made of food safe plastic and has a hole for hanging. Graze was invented by Abdullah Al- Hardi from AlMadinah, Saudi Arabia with 1417 influencers.


Strain and Serve
Prep, strain and serve your holiday dishes with one elegant solution. Meet Ventu, a melamine plastic serving bowl that also allows you to strain excess moisture from fruit, salads, pasta, and more. Ventu has a “no-leak” seal on the removable wooden base that caps off the straining holes. Simply attach the bowl to the base and serve. Ventu was invented by Andrea Zabinski of Green Bay, WI with the help of 1706 influencers.


Measure & Mix
$9.99 (Pack of 2)
When cooking your holiday meal, you use a measuring cup to dole out your ingredients, then a spoon to stir them all up. Skip a step with Portion, a cooking spoon with integrated measurement tools. The large and small spoons feature measuring lines for dry ingredients including 1tsp, 1tbs, and 2tbs. Portion was invented by Mark Rumaner of Aurora, IL and brought to life with the help of 1350 influencers.


For Good Measure
Pour out the perfect portion this holiday season with Silo. Simply fill the container’s “reservoir” with up to 3.5 quarts of dry ingredients. Silo’s adjustable barrier allows you to choose between 1 or 1/2 cup to get the exact amount with each pour. The hinged lid opens easily and seals tight to retain freshness. Silo was invented by Jan Habraken of New York, NY with the help of 2822 influencers.


Protect Your Produce
Mercado is the ultimate farmer’s market bag designed to protect delicate fruits and vegetables. Mercado’s nine different compartments include mesh pockets to protect delicate produce, two elastic loops to hold bottles in place and two exterior pockets to stash keys and cash. Mercado’s wide adjustable strap lets you choose the right carrying length so that you’re as comfortable as your produce! Mercado was invented by Peter Wachtel from Buffalo, NY with 738 influencers.


Tap the Flavor
Spray it, don’t squeeze it! Add some zest to your dishes with Stem, the citrus sprayer designed so you can spray juice directly from a citrus fruit onto your food or in your drinks. Stem’s serrated teeth allow for simple insertion and with the use of one finger you can now spray juice on your favorite foods. This product was invented by Tim Houle from Hazel Park, MI with 323 influencers.

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