New Jersey’s 1st post-Prohibition Brewery & Brewpub Sets a New Course for the Future

Rooted in the past and looking towards the future, the former Ship Inn is now Descendants Brewing Company. The historic three-story 1879 building that sits at 61 Bridge Street, Milford, NJ, boasts a long, rich history – once a prohibition speakeasy (and rumored brothel), a general store and only two businesses since WWII, Town Tavern and The Ship Inn.


As a former patron of The Ship Inn, when Joe David heard that the former owners (the Halls) were planning to sell the building where New Jersey’s first craft beer was brewed and poured in 1995, he knew he couldn’t live with himself if the space didn’t remain true to its roots as a brewery and brewpub.


He and his wife Ana, a young couple growing their family, saw the potential to make this their home and future so they purchased the business in 2017.  Joe and Ana David had a vision for the place that harkens to their personal ancestry which fortuitously falls in line with the four pillar beer cultures, German, Belgian, British  and American.  Out of respect for the history they took their time and have slowly transitioned to their vision.


COVID sidelined their planned April 1, 2020 launch, but they persevered with the support of their community and by supporting their community.


Joe, Ana and their partners are now pleased to launch Descendants Brewing Company and continue the craft brewing traditions on the original Peter Austin system while expanding upon the story by adding new craft beer, extensive whiskey list, craft cocktails and amazing gastropub fare.