New Philadelphia Distillery Trail

PA Craft Distillers Band Together To Create Philadelphia Area Distillery Trail

New Philadelphia Distillery TrailPhiladelphia has long been known as a craft beer town, but the city that loves you back has found a place in its heart for craft distillers.

In 2011, Pennsylvania passed reforms that allowed distillers to offer tours, tastings, and onsite sales. These new laws opened the door for some of the country’s best distillers to apply their craft in a city that is an epicurean destination due to its exceptional restaurants and watering holes.

“Not since the founding of our great nation has Philadelphia and Pennsylvania been such a hot bed for handcrafted spirits” commented Andrew Auwerda, Founder of Philadelphia Distilling.   “We are very proud to have pioneered this revitalization and as more and more distilleries sprout up, the quality and diversity of the local spirits continues to improve.   Each distillery compliments the next and has created quite a buzz in the beverage space.” To promote this exciting new industry and help visitors navigate from one distillery to another, the region’s distilleries banded together to create the Philadelphia Area Distillery Trail is a website that promotes the distilleries in and around Philadelphia from Camden, NJ to Lancaster, PA and all the places in between.

“We often get people wandering into our distillery, and they are shocked to learn just how many distilleries there are in the area. We’ll often encourage them to visit other tasting rooms, but it’s still on them to remember each distillery and then find them. The new website just makes it easy for people to explore and try new spirits,” said Dean Browne, owner and distiller at Rowhouse Spirits in Philadelphia’s Kensington neighborhood. Whether people are from out of town and in Philadelphia for a few days, or they are residents looking for something to do on the weekend, the Philadelphia Area Distillery Trail is a rewarding adventure.

Distillery visitors can learn about the craft, sample some spirits, and even take a bottle or two with them when they leave.