NEW PRODUCT NEWS: Risi® America’s Papas Caseras Flavorful Chili-Style Kettle Chips

NEW PRODUCT NEWS: Risi® America’s Papas Caseras Flavorful Chili-Style Kettle ChipsClassic Foods takes pride in authenticity, especially when it comes to traditional Mexican cooking. So when it came time to introduce a new snack, it was natural to recreate age-old Mexican recipes and flavors that were tried and true family favorites.

The Risi Papas Caseras family of brands brings together the heartland of Mexico’s cuisine using a variety of mouth-watering indigenous chilies from Mexico in four unique flavors. Risi® kettle chips translates to “Papas Caseras” golden home-made potato chips that are slow cooked for a satisfying crunch. It is seasoned with unique ingredients of authentic Mexican chilies: Habanero, Serrano or Adobadas. These spice combinations of sweet, tangy, zesty or fiery delivers bold and savory tastes in every bag.

1. Con Salsa – These lightly salted chips contain a packet of spicy and savory La Guacamaya® hot sauce giving you the option to spice things up with one of Mexico’s tastiest sauce.

2. Habanero – The habanero is one of the hottest chilli peppers one can find. True to their name, these chips offer a fiery and zesty flavor that is sure to test the taste buds of even the most seasoned lovers of spicy foods.

3. Adobadas – Adobadas chips are flavored with Mexico’s famous red chili marinade. It satisfies the hunger cravings with its zesty and sweet taste.

4. Serrano – The spicy and tangy Mexican chile flavor creates a mouth-watering sensation that will make the tongue curl and ask for more.

These great tasting kettle-style chips will be available both north and south of the border. Risi Papas Caseras is a tradition of good taste. “They are totally iRISIstible!”