Newcastle Brown Ale’s “Bartender Gigs” Program Celebrates Musicians’ Time Behind the Bar

Newcastle Brown Ale’s “Bartender Gigs” Program Celebrates Musicians’ Time Behind the BarConcerts and beer go together like rock and roll. Uncountable musicians have worked in bars throughout their careers, slinging drinks and perfecting their craft as they dream of stardom. Some even make the transition from bar to stage for good as their careers take off.

To celebrate the natural camaraderie between musicians and bartenders, Newcastle Brown Ale is presenting a series of concerts for bartenders organized by the U.S. Bartenders Guild that combines rising musical stars with the time-honored tradition of bartending. The Newcastle Bartender Gigs concert series in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Minneapolis and New York will feature national acts such as Grouplove at select shows, as well as well-known local bands.

And, to top it all off, consumers can redeem a month of unlimited music streaming from Rdio to enter for a chance to win a VIP trip to Los Angeles for the Bartender Gigs finale concert featuring a surprise guest through point-of-sale materials at select on-premise accounts.

“There’s almost nothing better than getting together with your friends for some cold ones and a show by your favorite bands,” said Brett Steen, brand manager for Newcastle Brown Ale. “Beyond featuring some great up-and-coming acts, Bartender Gigs gives us a perfect opportunity to promote Newcastle Brown Ale while shamelessly courting the favor of bartenders across the country.”

Each Newcastle Bartender Gigs event will feature performances from well-known artists who, in a previous life, worked as bartenders. Before taking the stage, the headliner will hop behind the bar while one of the “regular bartenders” at the venue will get on stage and open for the headlining act. Behind-the-scenes footage, performance videos, artist interviews and more will be posted at

The series kicked off with a special performance by the band Grouplove in Los Angeles. During the show, one of the venue’s bartenders was surprised by Grouplove with an on-the-spot invitation to get on stage with his band to open the show. Exclusive video of this Grouplove show, the bartender’s surprise, and an interview with Grouplove can be found at

About Newcastle Brown Ale
A No Bollocks beer brand, Newcastle Brown Ale was first brewed in 1927 to satisfy the thirst of hardworking Englishmen. Colonel Jim Porter crafted the ale with its own distinct golden brown color, lightly hopped taste and character that quickly became a local favorite. Best served cold, Newcastle Brown Ale has since become a world favorite as a dark beer that’s easy to drink. Newcastle Brown Ale is imported by the nation’s premier beer importer, HEINEKEN USA, headquartered in White Plains, New York.


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