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Dear FVP Gals,

I’m noticing a boom in the popularity of non alcoholic drinks, and I’m wondering if this will be a trend that sticks around. If so, how do I successfully incorporate them onto our restaurants’ menu?



My Spirits Are Down


Dear My Spirits,

You are right! Non alcoholic beverages are on the rise with food trend experts predicting this trend is here to stay! We are seeing people who choose not to consume alcohol now having access to an ever-increasing number of delicious and exciting new drink options. Bars and restaurants that don’t cater to this growing demographic are missing out on this growing demand.

Making the change to a more sober life

More and more Americans are cutting down or eliminating alcohol from their lives for various reasons including mental and physical health, a desire to be more present for their families, faith-based reasons, to reach fitness goals and more. Andreas Duess, co-owner of Auralis Botanical, a non alcoholic beverage company, states that those gravitating towards these drinks are typically people aged 35 to 50 and are often mostly female. 

In our society, we’re used to adults consuming alcoholic beverages during a social event almost anywhere in our nation and as the world opens up post COVID, these occasions are becoming more frequent. Just because the booze is gone from one’s life doesn’t mean people don’t want to be part of a group of friends getting together or a family gathering.

What do you drink when you’re not “drinking”?

To “raise your spirits,” bars and restaurants could start catering to the increasing demand for non alcoholic beverages instead of the regular fountain drink or virgin caesar. People are looking for non alcoholic beverages that are not only delicious but also beneficial for their health. These beverages may contain adaptogens in the form of functional mushrooms such as those available from Auralis Botanical who offer unique combinations of functional mushrooms combined with medicinal herbs and fruit. Other options are kombucha (very minimal alcohol content) or de-alcoholised beers/ciders from the Sober Carpenter and dealcoholized wines!

How do I incorporate this trend onto our restaurant’s menu?

There are still many bars and restaurants that are still not offering anything on their menus that caters to the sober curious crowd. Sugary soda or the non advertised virgin cocktail is all too often the only alternatives to alcohol. Duess of Auralis Botanical notes, “Over the last two to three years we are noticing a societal erosion of the assumption that you need alcohol to have a good social time and bar and restaurant owners are also beginning to incorporate new beverages onto their menus.” 

In some restaurants we are seeing non-alcoholic beverages being served on tap and included on “drink of the day” menus, including locally-brewed kombucha or functional mushroom beverages, for example! For some, the idea of ditching a possible hangover the day after a night out and replacing it with a great, rejuvenating morning because of an adaptogenic beverage is their idea of a successful night out! Now is the time to jump on this trend! Offering that new non alcoholic beverage of the week may just be the reason that crowd keeps coming back!

The change is already happening in grocery and other front of bar locations and now it needs to be embraced by the restaurant industry!



The Food Venture Gals

Sima & Kiran


Andreas Duess, Auralis Botanical:
Functional beverages available for retail and food service. 


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