Novothermic’s NVX 2060 Dishwasher Heat Exchanger Wins the Kitchen Innovations 2014 Award

Novothermic’s NVX 2060 Dishwasher Heat Exchanger Wins the Kitchen Innovations 2014 AwardNovothermic’s NVX 2060 Dishwasher Heat Exchanger has just been selected among the recipients of the National Restaurant Association’s Kitchen Innovation Awards 2014, which recognizes cutting-edge advancements in kitchen equipment for the foodservice industry.

An independent panel of judges composed of internationally recognized food facilities consultants, multiunit restaurant executives and design experts selected Novothermic as recipient of the award. Novothermic’s NVX 2060 Dishwasher Heat Exchanger will be showcased in the interactive Kitchen Innovations Pavilion at the National Restaurant Association (NRA) show, to be held on May 17-20 2014 at McCormick Place in Chicago, USA.

“Our engineers and technical staff have worked very hard for the last two years to come to such level of excellence. We are honoured that our innovative technology has been selected by the KI 2014 Award,” said Guillaume Lacroix, President and CEO of Novothermic Technologies Inc.

“Novothermic’s NVX 2060 was hooked up to my dishwasher without any negative impacts on the functioning of the kitchen. The savings are very favorable and the system is perfectly adapted to integrate well with the dishwasher’s uses,” said M. Charles Huot, owner of franchised restaurant Saint-Hubert Piedmont.

“Orso’s is very pleased with the Novothermic dishwasher heat exchanger. From easy installation to the environmentally friendly benefits, we have power and performance working on our behalf,” said Agnese Milito, Owner-Orso’s Restaurant, Chicago, Illinois.

About Novothermic Technologies Inc.
Novothermic is dedicated to developing sustainable and cost-effective technologies. The company manufactures and markets worldwide a revolutionary Dishwasher Heat Exchanger, the NVX 2060, which addresses the commercial kitchen market (restaurants, hotels, institutions). To learn more about Novothermic, visit

About the NVX 2060 Dishwasher Heat Exchanger
The NVX 2060 Dishwasher Heat Exchanger optimizes foodservice operators’ productivity by allowing substantial savings on energy expenses, while reducing ecological footprint. Robust, compact and easy to install, this self-contained money-saving technology can retrofit any kind or brand of dishwashers. It recovers the high-temperature used water going down the drain at rinse cycle and uses it to preheat the incoming fresh water, in preparation for the next dishwashing cycle. The heart of the system features a patented double-wall heat exchanger that lets foodservice operators generate their own energy from the dishwasher’s operations, achieving up to 50% reduction on the dishwasher’s water-heating costs.