Pu-erh (Poo-air) is an ancient healing tea picked from 500-year-old organic, wild tea trees in the mountains of Yunnan, China that are said to give forth “chi” or life energy. Unlike traditional teas that are oxidized for an 8-hour period, pu-erh tea leaves are piled, dampened and turned in a unique 60-day fermentation process. This results in pu-erh’s distinctive flavor and legendary health benefits.  It is often called the “skinny girl’ tea” in Taiwan as it is known to improve digestion and metabolism.

Numi’s Organic Pu-erh Tea comes from 500 year old wild broad-leaf trees with intricate root systems that reach far down into the earth. Unlike other tea bushes that are frequently replanted, Pu-erh comes from ancient trees with deep root systems that make them naturally drought resistant and sustainable without need for irrigation. The trees are harvested by local villagers who carefully pick the leaves to ensure that they will continue to grow for generations to come. An ecological example of sustainability, the pu-erh tea trees, village and nature all harmoniously live together for mutual benefit.

After fermentation, pu-erh tea leaves can be sun-dried, compressed into bricks and aged. Like fine wine, a Pu-erh Brick can be aged for months, years or even decades, increasing in value, health benefits and premium taste over time.

Pu-erh’s Ancient History
Pu-erh is the oldest known tea that travelled along one of the five “Tea Horse Roads,” or Ancient Tea Routes.  It originated in the village of Pu-erh and wound through the Yunnan Province of China, comprising the Southern Silk Road.  Merchants discovered pu-erh by accident, compressing the tea into bricks for easier transport. They found that when aged in damp conditions, it developed a richer flavor and unique healing properties. It is said that the Last Emperor’s mother, known as the “Beautiful Countenance,” was eased of her ailments by drinking pu-erh. This same process of compressing and aging pu-erh is used today. It improves over time in terms of quality and value, much like a fine wine.

The Health Benefits of Pu-erh
When Dr. Oz, the celebrated doctor and health expert, recently showcased pu-erh tea on his television program, he noted that many Americans might not have known about this delicious tea and its benefits for good health and weight loss.  For centuries, though, pu-erh has been celebrated in Chinese culture to have a myriad of health benefits.  While formal scientific research is still in early stages, clinical trials conducted in China and France have found promising results that substantiate cultural beliefs and anecdotal evidence that pu-erh can help improve digestion and circulation and increase metabolism and energy, supporting healthy weight loss.

Numi Organic Tea’s Pu-erh Selections
Numi Organic Tea, the first to offer a full line of pu-erh teas in the U.S., offers a variety of delicious, organic and Non-GMO verified blends, which come in backyard compostable non-GMO verified tea bags.  Like all Numi products, the pu-erh is organic, sustainable, and blending with only 100% real ingredients.

Numi’s Emperor’s Pu-erh, the most traditional of the company’s offerings, boasts a deep bold body, smooth and slightly sweet with hints of malt. This rich, energizing tea is deeply satisfying as a coffee alternative.

With a rich velvety, chocolate aroma, Numi’s Chocolate Pu-erh is an enticing blend of deep, dark pu-erh and organic cocoa nibs.  Whole vanilla beans and sweet accents of orange peel enhance this blend along with nutmeg and cinnamon rounding off a spicy finish.

Numi’s Cardamom Pu-erh offers sweet, aromatic, and spicy flavors.  The decadent blend of black pu-erh is enlivened by the spicy and crisp hints of sweet green cardamom.  The exotic and aromatic experience of this one-of-a-kind specialty tea is truly an adventure of the senses.

Herbaceous and distinct, Numi’s Basil Mint Pu-erh makes for a smooth yet vibrant blend.   A combination of organic pu-erh, orange mint, and basil creates a smooth vegetal flavor with a long, sweet aftertaste.
Jasmine Pu-erh combines jasmine-scented green tea with black pu-erh to create a complex cup of tea with a slightly sweet touch.  It is an ideal choice for those who enjoy a floral note in their tea.

Earthy, warm, and peppery, Numi’s Ginger Pu-erh combines zesty notes of real ginger with rich tea to make a bold cup.   This spicy blend offers tea-drinkers a hearty and warming tea filled with healthful benefits.

Numi also offers a more traditional Aged Pu-erh Brick, divided into 12 sections for convenient use.  Each section can be steeped 4 times, making up to 48 pots of tea per brick.

All of Numi’s pu-erh teas are sold for an SRP of $7.99-12.99 at <> , <> , select Whole Foods and wherever fine, organic groceries are sold.

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