NV Mixologist Named 2014 Disaronno “Mixing Star”

NV Mixologist Named 2014 Disaronno “Mixing Star”     Congratulations to Nicole Barker, a Nevada native, on her recent success! Nicole was just named the winner of  the 2014 Disaronno Mixing Star Lab.

     The competition puts the best contemporary and international mixologists to the test and celebrates those who continually reinvent the art of mixology with genius, passion and expertise. Barker astonished and impressed the jury with her imaginative take on the Disaronno Sour – the inventive Donatelli Sour. The cocktail is made with Disaronno Originale, Angostura bitters, fresh lemon juice, brown sugar cinnamon syrup and ginger-infused egg whites.

As a result, Nicole will travel to Italy next week along with winners from 14 other countries for the “Mixing Star Bootcamp,” where they will learn from renowned mixologists and past Mixing Star winners.



Nicole is known for her ability to expedite cocktails quickly and precisely, bringing her success in the industry in which she got her start at age 15 in a local Mexican restaurant. She has, during her time in Reno, helped build the craft cocktail program at CinCin in Reno, which has helped launch other bars’ craft cocktail program. It was a perfect venue to allow Nicole to grow as a bartender, compete in competitions and hone her training and leadership skills. She is excited to open her new restaurant featuring artistic cocktails, a new concept for the Reno restaurant scene.




NV Mixologist Named 2014 Disaronno “Mixing Star”Disaronno Originale, 1.5 parts

Angostura bitters, .5 parts 

Fresh lemon juice, .75 parts

Brown sugar cinnamon syrup, .75 parts

Ginger-infused egg white, 1 egg white and ¼ cup grated ginger