‘Como em Casa’ will hold its fifth edition at Octant Vila Monte, and once again aims to pay homage to localism, one of the pillars of Octant Hotels, and bring the best gastronomic traditions to the table.


‘Como em Casa’ launched in October 2023 and has provided trips through the knowledge and flavors of the local region where each Octant Hotel is located. The delicacies of gastronomy, passed down from generation to generation, arrive at the table from the hands of the village cooks and the chef of each hotel, transforming a meal into a moment of happiness and sharing among friends.


On March 23rd, Octant Vila Monte, located in Moncaparacho, will host three local cooks to present the knowledge and flavors of the region. Mrs. Matilde Zica, Mrs. Dina Martins and Mrs. Rosa Ferreira, natives of the region, learned the art of cooking alone, at home or in the various jobs they had over the years. They bring to the ‘À TERRA’ restaurant the centuries-old Algarvian flavors and the most appreciated dishes in the region.


Xerém — one of the best known dishes on the Algarve coast arrives at the table with clams and seafood, and Biqueirões albardados, a specialty from the Olhão region, will be the starters for this lunch, in honor of local products and homemade recipes from those who have always lived there. The main courses, Chicken with chickpeas and Pata roxa octopus stew with sweet corn will be an ode to the Algarvian land and sea.


To finish, the cooks will bring typically Algarvian desserts to the table, while chatting with guests about the secrets of the delicacies of this lunch. Orange cake from the Algarve, a true exaltation of the region’s best known product and Dom Rodrigo, an egg and almond dessert, named in honor of an illustrious member of the clergy from the Tavira region.


Octant Vila Monte, located between the mountains and the ocean, hosts Chapter V of ‘Como em Casa’, for $60 per person, including drinks. For more details, visit the website www.octanthotels.com/como-em-casa and book your experience online or by email at reservations-vilamonte@octanthotels.com.


The next editions of ‘Como em Casa’ also already have scheduled dates: at Octant Furnas on April 20 and at Octant Ponta Delgada on June 1st, always with chefs from each of the regions where the hotel is located.


About Octant Vila Monte

Here, between the mountains and the ocean, Octant Vila Monte give space to flavors and traditions. Time is marked by the tides of the Ria Formosa and the life that is preserved there, in its fragile ecosystem that is continuously protected.


In the fine Farm House spirit, the resort seek inspiration in the surrounding villages whose origins were lost long ago, or in the slow pace of those who shepherd, observe the orange trees in bloom and preserve the moment in stories and legends. Blending tradition and contemporary the rooms and collection of suites reinterpret the Algarvian environment in architectural features and décor that incorporates local crafts.


With a 330m2 private villa and two first class restaurants, luxury happens simply, because time stops and because care and curatorship go hand in hand. Services are available 24 hours a day: in summer, the outdoor pool invites refreshing dives; in winter, the heated pool for exclusive adult access is all you need to gain new momentum, new energy.


About Octant Hotels


Octants are singular hotels. Perfectly different. Rare spaces, regenerated, that maintain their originality even if reviewed from the point of view of detailed contemporary design. Each hotel embodies the place, culture, food and people of its surroundings, reinforcing simple pleasures, truths and knowledge inherited from there. They are authentic, peculiar places with a sense of belonging. That is why no two hotels are the same. Each Octant is a tribute to its location. They are places where there is care, peace and serenity. And also rare emotion, deep knowledge, exceptional encounters and experiences that are never forgotten. This is the philosophy of Local Kind of Luxury. Freedom is the real value of the stay. Where each person has their own time and will do with it as they see fit. Eat when hungry, sleep when tired, dive headfirst into something never tried before, when feeling it’s the right moment. For more information about Octant Hotels, visit the website.