One of Downtown’s Oldest Grand Buildings Celebrates a Centennial While Officially Welcoming a Very Special Occupant to its Attic: Bar La Real

White Feather Management has made its mark on South Florida for a bit now. The team who possesses over 25 years of experience and behind many recognized entertainment and nightlife venues (El Patio, La Poderosa, Crusoe and many others) have been known to have a Midas touch. The group also known for being specialists in Latin Nightlife and Dining announced a special venture in the heart of Downtown Miami during the holidays. But now, officially they are sharing what this concept is, or part of we should say. Bar La Real opened its doors recently as part one- of a unique project that will create yet another reason for travelers to visit Miami, and locals to enjoy something created with them in mind. Bar La Real is located at 100 NE 1st Avenue, Miami, FL.

Bar La Real Joins Historic Downtown Building’s Centennial Celebration


Miami is no stranger to fabulous nightlife venues, in fact, the city is known for this all over the world. But those in the hospitality or nightlife industries are constantly aiming to create the next best thing. Either a restaurant, a lounge, a cool bar, the goal is always to attract the public and have them embrace the idea. But what if patrons did not have to “choose”? What if one location could provide that multi-level experience so familiar to places like New York? The White Feather Team is proudly going to introduce their newest concept…the location will have the capability to welcome hundreds inside the majestic building located in the heart of Downtown Miami.

The prelude to displaying this massive entertainment complex is the official launch of Bar La Real located in the attic of the building. The lounge recently opened its doors allowing the public to experience a “taste” of the overall concept. The chic location was designed to transport guests to a time of opulence. Providing the right ambiance. music programming carefully designed, and curated libations, the “tropi-glam” concept is felt once the ornate elevator doors open. Much like the venue’s mascot the peacock, the visual elegance is inarguable.

If dancing or cocktailing in a venue straight out of a Baz Luhrmann movie (a la Great Gatsby) does not sound ritzy, wait until the entire building (once a Historic post office) is activated later this year celebrating its centennial and unveiling The Republic Entertainment Bureau. The collective of seven unique concepts under one roof, will attract locals and visitors creating a Downtown Miami revival. From massive visual art, collaborations with local and recognized artists, the Republic’s façade will become part of Miami’s artistic landscape speaking to locals and visitors from all over the world. The concepts occupying each floor will make the venue a destination.

For now, catch a glimpse, and enjoy some of the best the city has to offer. Nightlife enthusiasts and eventgoers are invited to visit Bar La Real inside this historically significant building Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

Miami is always attracting, always shining, and with White Feather Management bringing something so noteworthy (united by art, sensibility, and creativity) to the heart of the city, it will continue to be so. Bar La Real is located at 100 NE 1st Avenue, Miami, FL.

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