Ordercube Offers the Final Solution for Customer Satisfaction While Increasing Profitability

Ordercube: Enhancing Customer Satisfaction and Profitability – Food & Beverage Magazine

Inadequate staffing, ambiguous seating arrangements, and disorganized processes—sound familiar to any restaurant-goers during peak hours? It’s a challenge to meet every guest’s needs promptly and efficiently. Inspired by their own experiences as diners, Daniel Pasternak and Igor Suslov founded Ordercube GmbH in 2016 to tackle these issues. Located in Grafing near Munich, this fast-growing tech company has already expanded its reach to English-speaking markets. By implementing the Ordercube system, restaurants can achieve quicker service, heightened customer satisfaction, and increased revenue. Who wouldn’t want to be an industry innovator with a unique edge?

The Ordercube is a stylish LED cube that consolidates eight essential features into one comprehensive solution, making it truly unique. It serves as a waiter call system, table planner, candle replacement, reservation tool, feedback mechanism, live tracker, theft deterrent, and payment facilitator—all while offering unlimited range through Bluetooth mesh technology.

The basic functionality of the Ordercube is simple yet effective. Guests who wish to order or pay just tap the ‘SERVICE’ or ‘PAY’ buttons. This signal is then sent to the waiter’s device of choice, be it a smartwatch, smartphone, or tablet. The Ordercube’s customizable color scheme also allows staff to gauge how long a guest has been waiting. When not in use, the LED cube illuminates in its default candle color. At the end of the day or a specific period, restaurant owners can access key performance indicators and statistics, or even use live tracking to stay updated in real-time.

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The result? Reduced wait times, increased tips, and higher revenue, all contributing to a significantly improved dining experience.

For more information and to request a no-obligation offer, visit: https://en.ordercube.de/](https://en.ordercube.de/