Patagonia Provisions, the food and beverage division of Patagonia dedicated to scaling Regenerative Organic Certified® ingredients and sustainable seafood, today unveils a trio of new Regenerative Organic Certified® kinds of pasta, now available online and slated to hit the shelves, nationwide, at Whole Foods Market locations and natural grocery stores this spring. These nutritious, high-fiber organic dried pasta – available in fusilli, penne, and shells – boast just two ingredients: Regenerative Organic Certified durum wheat flour and Regenerative Organic Certified Kernza®, a wheatlike perennial grain.


Unlike traditional grain varieties that require annual planting, Kernza is a perennial crop firmly rooted in the soil year-round. Its deep and extensive root system prevents erosion and also enriches the soil, yielding slender grains bursting with a warm, nutty flavor. Bronze dies are used to cut and shape the dough to enhance the pasta’s texture and sauce-holding capabilities. Packed with fiber and protein, Patagonia Provisions’ newest pastas come in freshly designed 12-oz boxes made of 100% recycled fiber diverted from the waste stream. The suggested retail price is $6.49.


Both the wheat and Kernza in these pastas are Regenerative Organic Certified, the world’s highest and most rigorous standard for agriculture. Regenerative organic agriculture prioritizes the well-being of the entire farm ecosystem, nurturing healthy soil, farm animals, and workers alike. Recognizing the pivotal role of healthy soil in combating the climate crisis, Patagonia Provisions remains steadfast in its commitment to driving positive environmental change through its products.