PayPal Merchant Spotlight: Amara Beverage Company

Written By Brad Brodigan

PayPal Merchant Spotlight: Amara Beverage CompanyIn addition to keeping us healthier and happier, fitness and well-being products have opened up a range of opportunities for entrepreneurs. Small business owner Greg Connolly founded his business with this in mind, creating a natural, unprocessed, low-calorie, electrolyte-rich sports drink developed from raw coffee berries and other high-impact ingredients. He calls it Amara.

Selling Amara to athletes, however, means that Greg and his team need to be extremely mobile and flexible – just like their customers. In addition to a thriving wholesale business with grocery stores and an online storefront, they often travel to gyms to interact directly with owners and set up on-the-go sales locations at major CrossFit events. Greg needs a payments platform that allows him to sell everywhere he needs. That’s why he’s taken his payments system from behind the cash register and into the gym with PayPal Here. Greg estimates that using PayPal Here has increased his sales by 20 percent!

Recently, Greg told us: “It’s extremely painful for an early stage business to turn away customers that want to buy your product because you can’t accept cards. PayPal Here makes a strong impact on our company’s bottom line.”

A mobile POS solution is an absolute must for Amara, and PayPal Here won out over the competition thanks to our customer support, and the ability to interface seamlessly with other revenue streams such as online sales. By accepting PayPal via his website, in-store and in the gym, Greg can monitor the health of his business anywhere, on any device and in real time.

PayPal Merchant Spotlight: Amara Beverage CompanyAbout Amara
Amara Beverage Company’s mission is to help people enjoy their active lifestyles while maintaining their long-term health in the process. Amara Recovery Beverage is specifically formulated to help your body recover from drinking, traveling, and exercising. Made entirely in the US, Amara Recovery Beverage helps consumers re-energize, re-hydrate and stay healthy. Read more at

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