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Pennington Distilling Company, an award-winning spirits company, announces two new additions to the team.

Dana Crawford has joined the Pennington Distilling Company team as the Marketing & Special Events Director. Dana has prior hospitality and event management experience from working at Greenhouse Winery in Pittsburgh, PA in addition to coordinating weddings at other venues in Pennsylvania. She is responsible for coordinating the company’s numerous sponsorships and marketing efforts as well as booking and overseeing all events that Pennington Distilling Company hosts on-site or participates in off-site.

Zach Taylor has joined Pennington Distilling Company as the Head Distiller. Zach has over six years of experience in the spirits industry with a primary focus in whiskey.  Zach is proactively implementing new and efficient strategies while also investing in the future with product development. He is excited and proud to uphold the reputation that Pennington Distilling Company has established in the spirits industry.


About Pennington Distilling Company
Pennington Distilling Company was founded in 2011 in Nashville, Tennessee by husband-and-wife team, Jeff and Jenny Pennington.  Located in the heart of their hometown, the Penningtons have personally crafted the finest in Tennessee Whiskey, vodka, and sipping cream.

From hand-selecting local farmers, gathering the best non-GMO grain, and remaining committed to “grain to glass“, to aging whiskey in oak barrels, combined with unique and flavorful spirit recipes, the Pennington Distilling Company brands are not only fan loved but also award-winning. The brands have garnered over 51 awards to date in competitions such as the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, the International Wine and Spirits Competition, SIP Awards, Beverage Tasting Institute/ Awards, and the American Distilling Institute Awards.

For almost ten years, Pennington Distilling Company has worked diligently to bring the finest alcoholic beverages to the ever-changing and highly competitive spirits industry. The Pennington Distilling Company family of brands includes three proprietary mash bills: Davidson Reserve Tennessee Straight Sour Mash Whiskey®, Davidson Reserve Straight Rye Whiskey®, and Davidson Reserve Straight Bourbon Whiskey®. Davidson Reserve Four Grain® and Davidson Reserve Genesis® are both Tennessee Straight Bourbon whiskeys created by blending small batches of these mash bills together.

Pennington Distilling Company also produces Pickers Original Vodka® with additional fruit-infused flavors including Blueberry, Blood Orange, and Pineapple; Pickers Unplugged Vodka Soda® in assorted low calorie, zero carbohydrate, and gluten-free flavors; Pickers Crafted Cocktails® in assorted flavors; Whisper Creek Tennessee Sipping Cream® (Cream Liqueur made with Tennessee Whiskey) available in Original®, Mocha, Peanut Butter Chocolate and Pumpkin Spice; and Walton’s Finest Vodka®, which is named after Jenny’s father and made with 100% Tennessee red winter wheat.

For more information about the company, a full list of awards as well as where to buy their products, please visit

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