Perfect Fixins for Phoenix

Perfect Fixins for Phoenix Cruising through Phoenix this time of year? If so, you should make a pit stop at Maizie’s Café & Bistro. This joint has all the perfect fixins for the road voyager. The food, family and quaint atmosphere are so inviting, you might want to stay forever.

 Established in 2008, Maizie’s Café & Bistro is a family-owned restaurant located in Central Phoenix and serves a host of audiences. This includes local politicians, media and sports personalities, drag queens and even Brian Baumgartner, better known as “Kevin,” from the television show Office, has been known to dine here.

Maizie’s owner, Lois Miller, has a “wall of fame” with more than a dozen drawings of all the different people that walk through the bistro’s front doors.

“It’s a fun conversation piece and she has done a spectacular job of capturing the different personalities,” said Maizie’s Café & Bistro general manager Sally Moroney.