Perlick’s Century 2 System

Perlick Corporation, a leader in total package bar equipment, beverage dispensing systems, and luxury residential undercounter refrigeration, is celebrating the Golden (50th) Anniversary of its Century Beer System by officially launching the new Century 2 System. Like the original Century System, which uses copper coolant lines to keep beer cold up to 500’ away, the Century 2 System is another Perlick industry exclusive product. Featuring a separate glycol bath, the new system provides the same Perlick reliability with the unique option of installing the refrigeration deck in a remote location – even outside of the building – reducing the heat load inside, or in the kitchen where glycol systems are most commonly stored.

 “Perlick is proud to announce that the Century System has been the preferred choice of operators for 50 years,” states Jim Koelbl, vice president of sales and marketing for Perlick’s Commercial Products. “Perlick is dedicated to continuing that tradition by helping operators maximize beverage dispensing profits with inventive products like the Century 2 System and unrivaled incentives like our exclusive Performance Guarantee.”

As the only product that allows customers to install the refrigeration deck outdoors, the UL approved Century 2 System can keep heat outside of the building while chilling down any, or all, beer lines by as much as 6° F from the temperature of the beer stored in the walk-in cooler (compensating for coolers that are unable to maintain recommended beer serving temperatures of 36° F to 38° F). And, because Perlick understands that when dispensed properly draft beer will generate major profits for any operation, the Century 2 System can dispense up to 12 ½ barrels of beer per hour, and offers the option of adding an additional glycol bath to double the output.

In addition to unique storage abilities and unmatched serving capabilities, Perlick provides complete quality control over every element by manufacturing nearly every component of the Century Systems including; glycol chillers, dispensing towers, drip pans, trunk housing, regulator panels, beer faucets and keg couplers. Trunk housings and towers are made specifically for each customer and each system is engineered and balanced at the factory to maximize customer’s beverage dispensing profits.

All of these components, along with onsite installation by Perlick’s own Century System Certified Installers, are what allow Perlick to provide a complete Performance Guarantee. The exclusive guarantee covers each Perlick engineered, designed and installed Century System – ensuring Perlick’s Century Systems are able to dispense beer at the desired temperature without excessive foam. To learn more and to find a Perlick rep, visit

Family owned since 1917, Perlick’s award-winning commercial product lines have maximized the profitability of the world’s finest restaurants, bars, stadiums, hotels and resorts. In 2005, Perlick parlayed its industry experience into a luxury residential product line featuring indoor and outdoor undercounter refrigerators, wine reserves, freezers, freezer and refrigerated drawers, and beer dispensers. As a Milwaukee, Wisconsin based manufacturer, Perlick is dedicated to providing innovative, customizable food and beverage storage and serving solutions. Unique product offerings include the new ADA-Compliant Series and the world’s first 18-inch Shallow-Depth Series. To learn more visit or call 800-558-5592.